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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

NEWS DID/MPD Dissociative Identity Disorder/Multiple Personality Disorder Week Ending 10-20-13 #1 & #2

    • I have no idea if I have DID or not. I have friends in my head, that's what I call them anyway. Though the title is somewhat inaccurate because some are hardly friends. I have a total of three so far.
    • Anyways, recently things have been getting really weird and, to put it bluntly, I need professional help. I'm seeing a doctor on Tuesday and I'm really excited to talk to someone professional about all this.
    • I always experience co-consciousness with my friends. I don't know, things are strange and getting stranger and I just really hope that this all turns out alright.
    • Its been a while since I came on to the forums, i miss all you i spoke to on here and its been a rough time for me and thats why i wasnt able to come back for a while.I am SO SICK of DID. Im sick of talking about it, working on it, it pisses me off and I just want all these stupid people to go away.
    • Im not the type that really knows, gets to know or has ever wanted to know about my alters. i denied it for a long time, thought i had some sort of narcolepsy or something and now that ive been working with a specialist for a year i still just want to run away.
    • i read your posts and I just wonder how you all manage your days. Im tired, too tired to go on and ever since i started "listening" to what these assholes have to say my lifes gotten more annoying and complicated. I want out. Now and today.
    • Whats the sense in being like this and even being alive? I really have nothing much to offer...i guess i give my doctor something to do, but other than that its useless.Been thinking all day, Im over, were over, its all over.
    • I feel positive about it though, like im finally doing something RIGHT for once. No more burden.Ive done a bit of housework, tidied up and tried to tie up as many loose ends as possible in my life. Made a few phone calls and really taken care of some things. Feeling happy, strangely enough. Free.
    • I know ill never be better, I accept that. doesnt matter much anymore. Things will be better 'up there" maybe. or down there, probably down there im not sure.
    • I have undiagnosed MPD. I know of 3 other personalities and what I like to call the "occasional tourist". All of them have names, distinct looks, and personalities that make them stick out. My pictures even look like different people.   People that know me well know the names of my personalities. It's frustrating being with someone,though, that uses this as an excuse to not take responsibilities for their own actions.
    • As I get older, I do find, that it does get harder to control. I'm so scared that one day I may wake up in a mental hospital and realize that my entire life was a huge delusion.  I tried to commit suicide when I was 12 because I never felt in control of me. I suffer from an eating disorder quietly so that I don't put back into a hospital.
    • I am also an empath. So now bundled with all the emotions of the people within, I have to listen to and take on the emotions of the people I come in contact with.   I hear people's thoughts and even talk to the telepathically. My boyfriend hates this because I know the instant he lies to me. It's only then that he calls me crazy and all sorts of names.
    • Am I crazy; or am I just an evolved individual with no guidance?
    • A lot has happened in my life in the last few months. I realized today I have multiple parts of me. I found out the hard way And I found out through being in a relationship with someone just like me. I feel beaten and battered and pushed and pulled- Used as a pawn in a battle between the part of me that supposedly protects I would guess, And the protective part of someone that I used to be in a relationship with.
    • I feel like I was spit out today Left with the mess. In my mind the other protector won. I was the casualty of war. I don't want to put myself back together. Sorry for such a negative post. I like that around is negativity and pain for a long time now.
    • I can't believe she did that.Stupid $%^($
    • *WHY* would you bring that up? Sure, threaten us with hospitalization. Awesome. Make it seem like we can't trust anyone around us and if we become 'too much' that we'll be sent away into that place, drugged and never let us out again. Smooth move, idiot.
    • Of course, then she's all like 'enh...but really you're not at that point yet'SO WHY THE HELL DID YOU BRING IT UP.
    • 've lost touch with Mars. I miss him a lot. That or we've become blended/integrated so much we don't feel him anymore. He left Gwar in his place though -_-Bugger's been on the warpath lately.
    • Little One has been out of control despondent and wailing more often then I'd like too, between those two it's some serious serious whiplash.
    • But seriously though...she broke our trust. What was left. No matter how much I want to go back and get treatment...the alters are freaking up in arms. Which is just great, because it's not like I don't have a hard enough time trying to get Firebird and Gwar to do anything therapy-related as is.
    • Sometimes I'm observing an alter's dream, watching them go through it as if I'm invisible. And sometimes, when a new alter is going to make themselves known, they come to me in a dream a couple nights before they start coming out and talking to us.
    • This has happened twice; the first time was in the middle of a normal-ish dream, and then suddenly someone switched with me, but I was co-conscious with them. That person was Ashley, and she didn't introduce herself so much as she forced herself into my dream and took it over. :P The second time was only a few days ago, with our newest alter, Katie.
    • Again, it was a somewhat normal dream, but Katie switched just as Ashley had, though she sort of went through the dream as I was having it before, rather than making it her own. She introduced herself a couple days later.
    • Went to the dentist and took everything into consideration, blanket, pillow, soft thing. It is still kind of swollen and I am feeling kind of sorry for self and it comes with the attached senses that things are out-of-control. Then someone said it is okay to just rest till it gets better. Have to go again next week. Thanks. See ya.
    • This article covers overall details about dissociative identity disorder (DID) and it also has the reason why that this DID is listed in top 10 weirdest medical conditions.
    • Dissociative identity disorder is simply called DID and it is the name for multiple personality disorder. This means that there is more than one person in a body. In general spiritual life the people are get injured in order to recover out of it. Mostly, this disorder doesn’t have any age restriction it can be child or adult. There is studies for DID which says that people with DID have never been mistreated.
    • Most of the people aware early as before they diagnosed that they have DID or not, they maximum feel the difference on them. It is possible to hear or sense about the people inside. It is really difficult to identify DID and it might also vary from person to person. Some people loss their time and conversations with others and few people lose their conscious. Mostly these people doesn’t aware what has happened on its surroundings. Some media has presented videos on DID which has more some details about few people with no resemblance.
    • In this DID the most important that all you need to consider is just have the desires to realize what has happened and why it has happened. If you lost your proper communication with others, than it is the time to realize what is happening over your surroundings. Therefore, you should have habit of writing diary so that you may come to know your changes. If suppose you have question that you need answer for it, than you should start writing on a paper and simple leave and then start searching answer for it.
    • Make sure, that you should have a support team with you when you have DID. Your team helps in protecting yourself, your family and even your child. In general, your support team will track your activities and make you in the right ways.
    • Cause of DID is controversial, and they usually speak with debate. It leads to loss of memory and they fails to know what happening on their surroundings and they can even fails to sleep. This is the major reason why DID is considered as one of the most reason why that DID is listed in the top 10 weirdest medical conditions.
    • When people talk about "not remembering large parts of your childhood", for example. What does that mean? Does it mean specifically that, if someone tells you about that time in your life, it just won't ring a bell? Or is it normal for people to actually remember their entire lives as if it were a movie or a story in a book? (Like being able to remember virtually every significant level of detail that you want to — on your own, not just confirming something that someone else told you.)
    • I am not quite sure how to begin this... I have been witness to other people's flashbacks (outside of our system), and often times, they report get significant clips of information. When I get a flashback, I get a 1-5 second clip of often one action, or even part of an action, instead of of the traumatic event itself.
    • It is so fleeting and relatively inconclusive by itself, yet these flashes shake me up horribly. I have been attempting to write down what I am able of these clips, and put together they are often choppy and out of order. I suspect the clips are of multiple occurrences as the body is older or younger depending on the clip, and sometimes setting is different.
    • I am not sure why these flashbacks are so fragmented. I am pretty sure they are mine (why else would I be the one getting them?) Is it common to get these 'mini' flashbacks or are most of them longer in length showing more of said event? I am rather confused about this and do not have the courage to talk about this in therapy.I apologize if this is vague. I am having a hard time talking about this topic.
    • Dissociative Identity Disorder -- Primal Fear, ft. Edward Norton and Richard Gere   Edward Norton has been arrested for murdering a Catholic priest, apparently in retaliation for childhood sexual abuse. Richard Gere is his lawyer.
    • The film is well worth watching in its entirety.   The film seems to be inspired, in part, by the case of Kenneth Bianchi (one of the Hillside Stranglers):
    • While he was in prison, Bianchi's attorney brought in a psychiatrist, Dr. John Watkins, to examine him. Watkins put Bianchi under hypnosis, got him to admit to several of the murders and to implicate his cousin, and then declared he had multiple personality disorder. He had killed as "Steve Walker" and thus was not competent to stand trial. Three more experts were convinced by his condition as well.
    • This only annoyed the investigators. The prosecution decided to bring in its own expert, Dr. Martin Orne. Detectives had discovered "Steve Walker" was the name of a college student from whom Bianchi had stolen transcripts to set up his fake psychiatric practice, which suggested he knew enough about psychology to fake a personality disorder.
    • Dr. Orne used a ploy: He suggested to Bianchi that most multiples have more than two personalities, and it wasn't long before Billy emerged. Bianchi also pretended to touch someone who was not there. Hallucinating is not a symptom of MPD, and they knew then Bianchi was faking it. Under pressure he admitted to the deception.
    • Trigger warning: mental confusion
    • Anyone else here feel like you don't move through time, but time moves through you instead? Like things have always been, and are always going to be, just the way they are right now? Like there's no discernible difference between the moment and the lifetime? Like "the past" and "the future" exist, and maybe even occupy your mind too much, but are distinct and parallel planes that don't touch the plane of timelessness?...
    • I have been working on communication between alters. Does anyone have tips?
    • A New Model of Dissociative Identity Disorder - ResearchGate 
       A New Model of Dissociative Identity Disorder - ResearchGate 
      that dissociative symptom in persons who have dissociative identity disorder. 2 DSM-IV accounts for 2 of the 13 well-replicateddissociative symptoms of DID.
       Section I: DSM-5 Basics Section II: Diagnostic Criteria and Codes 
       Section I: DSM-5 Basics Section II: Diagnostic Criteria and Codes 
      DSM-5 Table of Contents DSM-5 Classification Preface Section I: DSM-5 Basics Introduction Use of the Manual ... Dissociative Identity Disorder Dissociative Amnesia
       http://www.psychiatry.org/File Library/Practice/DSM/DSM-5/DSM-5-TOC.pdf 
       Dissociative identity disorder: Time to remove it from DSM-V? 
       Dissociative identity disorder: Time to remove it from DSM-V? 
      Current Psychiatry 30 September 2009 W hat is it about dissociative identity disorder (DID) that makes it a polarizing diagnosis? Why does it split professionals into ...
       Dissociative Identity Disorder (Version 1-Final) 
       Dissociative Identity Disorder (Version 1-Final) 
      Treatment of Dissociative Identity Disorder Page 5 of 20 PART II: CLINICAL BEST PRACTICES ... (Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV Dissociative Disorders-
       Dissociative Identity Disorder 
       Dissociative Identity Disorder 
      Dissociative Identity Disorder (Treatment) Michael Maisano PP7501 Adult Psychotherapy Cornelia Mare Pinnell, Ph.D. Argosy University, Phoenix Fall 2010
       Trauma and Stress-Related Disorders in DSM-5 - ISTSS | Home 
       Trauma and Stress-Related Disorders in DSM-5 - ISTSS | Home 
      DSM-5Dissociative Disorders - 1 •Dissociative Identity Disorder: characterized by 2 or more personality states has incorporated “possession” as a non-Western
    • Katherine, who appears to be my internal self helper? She wants us to integrate. She doesn't care how much chaos this causes, because she wants us to "shine."I asked her how long this will take, she said two years...... 8[ ...That's fast. Really fast.
    • Basically...to de-encapsulate everyone, I get to find out and process what it was that caused them to split off in the first place, and it's some wretched stuff, of course.Plus, when the memories come back, it feels as if it just happened.  The emotions were boxed up along with the memory, see?
    • ...I was about to say how did dad get away with all the awful stuff he did with mom not realizing?  ...She didn't want to know.  She really didn't want to see it.
    • I've seen it in person. A friend's doctor is circulating some of friend's autobiographical writing among her colleagues try to get other doctors to stop telling clients that their dissociative identity disorder is just whining. I had lean on him really hard to get him to tell his doctor (who he was already seeing for PTSD & depression) about the other personalities. He was able to tell her about the awful incident(s) relating to his PTSD, but DID was too much. He eventually had to call me into the room to tell his doctor for him, because he couldn't work up to telling her himself.
    • It's by the single most stigmatized mental disorder. Some people treat you like shit if they find out you're schizophrenic, but at least they admit schizophrenia exists. And some of those skeptics are practicing doctors, so they give elaborate diagnoses like bipolar + poor memory + ADHD + schizophrenia + compulsive lying + whatever instead of admitting that there really is one diagnosis that explains both the full set of symptoms and why the cocktail of 8 different neuroactive drugs isn't helping.
    • The personalities that consider themselves alternate are afraid treatment will entail a literal existential crisis for them, so they steer the person away from psychologists. When they do make it to a doctor, and the doctor tells them they're full of shit and prescribes them brain-melting bipolar drugs, they tend not to go back. It's vastly underreported.
    • DID is real and serious business, and science has some catching up to do in the area. Psychologists have a long history of misunderstanding mental disorders for quite a long time before starting to figure them out. Just about every mental disorder has had to struggle for recognition. It is not supported by past results to claim that because many psychologists are skeptical of it it doesn't exist.
    • Who believes in this diagnosis? My perspective, having never seen a true case, and working with attendings who have worked for decades and claim to have never seen a case, is that it doesn't really exist. And that a better explanation is PTSD +/- personality disorder leading to dissociation symptoms.   I'm open to any opinions for or against.
    • Who believes in this diagnosis? My perspective, having never seen a true case, and working with attendings who have worked for decades and claim to have never seen a case, is that it doesn't really exist. And that a better explanation is PTSD +/- personality disorder leading to dissociation symptoms.   I'm open to any opinions for or against.
    • I've seen one case. I don't understand what do you mean though by "it doesn't exist". Ultimately it is defined purely based on presentation and symptoms like most of psychiatric diseases, rather than etiology. Even going by "PTSD +/- personality disorder", that seems to suggest that presentation is different from purely PTSD vs purely personality disorder, though that does provide more insight into the condition. I think the common belief that it is due to severe shock at a young age provides a decent explanation. Needless to say though, it is extremely interesting and more so for the fact that it seems to be confined to the Anglophone world.
    • I've seen 2-3 in training. Borderline flavor. Severe trauma. Very sad.
    • What I'm getting at is the possibility that a person's symptoms of DID are accounted for by severe PTSD with dissociation, or possibly PTSD and a personality disorder with dissociation. And that DID is not a separate diagnostic entity. I'm pretty sure this is a debated topic.
    • Yes, but my point is that it's distinct enough in presentation from PTSD and even personality disorders that it does warrant its own category since after all of these diagnoses are based on symptoms and presentation. AFAIK, DID wouldn't fit at all with the common diagnostic criteria of PTSD (no necessary increased startle response or insomnia for example) despite the fact that shock is presumably important in the chain of events. From what I read, the skeptics base their arguments on that it's either psychotherapy induced or patients trying to fit the mold of the diagnosis rather than it being a genuine reaction to shock. The case of the patient I have seen was so severe that I really have a hard time believing the latter is true.
    • as far as I see it, DID is no more "real" or "false" than PTSD in that they are largely cultural constructions which didn't exist in the recent past and are both hysterical conditions and both are malingered very frequently, or imputed such.
    • 've seen so many dissociative fugues with PTSD and one true DID (no history of specific trauma), and I'm not even a resident yet. In other words, I wouldn't agree that a DID is always a subset of PTSD.
    • I mean, when I get angry, my personality changes, I don't remember things quite as clearly, and I act differently than when I'm calm. If the anger is enough, maybe I can't control myself the same as when I'm calm either. Is that an alter? Like can I say, "oh that's John, he's a real son of a bitch....I have DID. I just lose control and don't know what happens, and minutes can go by or I can find myself in a different place suddenly because he takes me over and I don't remember anything." Or could this be just as easily described as a dissociative component of one of the diagnoses above. "And when I get sad, that's when Tony shows up and it's the same thing with not remembering what I'm doing, just laying around all day, aimless and pretty soon 8 hours have suddenly been lost just sitting on the couch and I don't know what's happened."   If I were to come on to the board and question the existence of schizophrenia, everyone would think I was an idiot, or a scientologist, or that I had no experience because anyone who has worked for a month on inpatient psych has seen schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder. The same certainly cannot be said for DID. So maybe it's just low prevalence of DID, or that it commonly travels with PTSD/borderline and gets missed, and if you're a cynic, the chances are low you would see that DID patient with a more pure (no other dx confounding) presentation and simply write it off as being from PTSD/borderline. Though uptodate says prevalence is 1.3% of population, which is slightly more than schizophrenia I believe; I'm not sure where these patients are. Perhaps if you're looking for DID, you will extend PTSD/borderline dissociation to fit the diagnosis.
    • I believe it exists because I've seen 3 people have it and had no reason to malinger, nor were they seeking attention so I don't believe they had factitious disorder. Those three I had for several months, so I was confident in their diagnosis.  That said, I also agree that if one sees a possible case of it to be very very suspicious and only use DID as a treatment of exclusion, ruling everything out first including malingering and factitious disorder.
    • There is a rather sad and established history of mental health providers creating false memories in someone of being raped/molested as a child. "Of course you were molested by your father, you just blocked it out. I know you love your father, but only someone who was molested would have bulimia. Here's a book, it'll convince you that you were raped. I'm going to put you in a group therapy session filled with other rape victims until you tell me you were raped."   Then to add insult to injury, some quack psychiatrists, if a patient started to entertain they may have been raped, told the patient they could do a sodium amobarbital interview (truth serum) and if they mentioned rape during the interview it'd be 100% proven they were raped.   Now this is despite the facts that a sodium amobarbital interview is nowhere close to 100% accurate, having an eating disorder doesn't mean one was molested, etc.
    • An epidemic of legal cases sprang up in the 80s with bogus lawyers, psychologists and psychiatrists charging top dollar claiming they could prove a person was molested using highly questionable methods such as sodium amobarbital, or having the person sit in a box with a blinking red light that'd help them to find memories submerged. When the courts finally became aware that submerged memory treatments were bogus, all of a sudden those cases just magically vanished.  So too did this sad practice go on with DID.   Again, I believe it exists, just that if you see it, be very suspicious.
    • Sadly this sort of bogus therapy still takes place. Had an online support forum acquaintance, not particularly close or anything, but the dealings I did have with her she seemed to be a pretty standard BPD with PTSD case, and she was being treated as such. Then she found this new you beaut therapist who specialised in regressional hypnotherapy and memory retrieval through guided imagery type stuff, and all of a sudden she's remembering ritual abuse perpetrated by her Grandparents, and 12 or so 'alters' spring up out of nowhere. Haven't seen or spoken to her for ages, but I can only open she managed to get out of this quack's clutches and back to a decent therapist that can help her put her mind, and her family back together
    • In the case I saw it was quite impossible to fake the amnesia and all the complexities. If there was some form of exaggeration, then it's certainly all in the unconscious, but I don't think in the end that's quite relevant in regards to day to day management or that it lessens the strength of the diagnosis.
    • So my close friend has a 4 year old daughter who acts very strange. I think she may have multiple personality disorder, her mom and dad think she is just being a kid so I dont say anything but wanted to see what you ladies think it could be.
    • s I said before she is 4 years old almost 5 but since she was 3 she will break out in huge temper tantrums and when we say "Haliegh whats going on?" or something to that effect she will stop her tantrum, look at us as say "Haliegh isnt here right now." Then we ask who we are talking to she says "Veronica"
    • lot of times when we ask her anything instead of saying "I" she says "we." Which I know could just be her not realizing the difference but she is very advanced for her age and only does it around these temper tantrums she has.
    • Other times she will be in a great mood and then literally out of no where you can watch her face completely change and she will be in a totally different mood.  One time we were at the mall and she started knocking things over in a store, screaming and freaking out. After we calmed her down and apologized to the store and helped clean up we tried talking to her, she didnt remember doing any of it and went on to say it must of been Veronica. She was 3 when she did this.
    • I just find it hard to believe that its her imagination with the things I have seen and the stories I have been told by her parents. She is a great kid and Im just worried that its something serious.   What do you think?
    • For the longest time, I figured my lack of memories was me being flighty, that my emotions being hijacked was a symptom of my depression. I didn't figure it out until I went to the hospital. I had all these parts, whose impulses, feelings, and thoughts were bleeding into mine.
    • I've had to learn to be a more complete person on my own, so I could take my place as the frontrunner. It's not what I was made for, but it is necessary. The original has been dormant for some time now, and it doesn't look like she's waking up anytime soon. I don't switch very often, and am co-conscious with my parts.
    • The sometimes irritating thing is they don't really use words, so I have to figure out what to do about potential issues purely by feel. I wasn't made for that. I'm more a thinker, a discussor. There are a few who can speak with me, but it's 2 or 3 out of 20+. Just gets frustrating is all.
    • Yesterday was a lovely fall day, a crisp cool morning and a clear warm day. It was a beautiful day for a walk, so I took two. The first walk was one and a half hours long by myself, and the second one was a shorter one in the afternoon with a friend. They were both lovely.
    • Yesterday was a lovely fall day, a crisp cool morning and a clear warm day. It was a beautiful day for a walk, so I took two. The first walk was one and a half hours long by myself, and the second one was a shorter one in the afternoon with a friend. They were both lovely.
    • As with each time I go through this, and I do have to remember “I have been here before,” I get frustrated with my limits because of this illness. I cannot do as much as other people do, and they seem to do it so effortlessly.  I know there is a reason I am like this, but that does not take away the frustration of the situation.
    • I get frustrated with being able to do something one day, and not being able to do it the next. As I have mentioned before, this tends to screw up for planning ahead. I can hope to do something, but that does not mean I will be able to carry it out.
    • As I’m talking of this I realize that the “what am I going to do with my life?” really means, what am I going to do with my writing? Where am I going to go with it? What am I going to write? And what makes a successful writer? I guess the last question is the one I have been hung up on.
    • And, like every time I recover a lost piece of myself, I am elated, and I want to get on with my life. And like every time, I need to process what has happened and its re wiring the brain, this also takes time and energy.
    • I am once again finding out who I really am, and until that is done I cannot focus on my writing like I would like to.
       I tell this to my friend and she says “You are doing research. You are learning who you are, that’s research. You are thinking about your writing and what to write, that is research. It may not look like what we think research is, but you are doing it”.
       I liked that and told her I am going to borrow it.
    • I ask myself and my friend…Am I going to write a book, what am I going to write, who is going to read my writing, will there be lots of readers, or will I be a quiet writer and have   just be a few people who read what I write? 
       Where I am going to go with my writing?
       Then I realized I am not going to go anywhere with my writing, it is going to take me and go where it is supposed to go! 
    • It will take time and I need to be gentle and patient with myself. And I do know that my writing, like my life, will be much richer for it. For that I am grateful. 
       I wish you all well in your discoveries and research.
    • Canadian electronic musician, Dan ‘Caribou’ Snaith, has been committed to a mental institution following a diagnosis of multiple personality disorder.
      The musician’s condition became apparent to friends only after a shooting incident in which Mr. Snaith shot himself in his own face.
    • “I’m not that surprised to be honest. I’ve known Dan since he was calling himself Manitoba,” explained close friend, Four Tet. “I think Manitoba, looking back, was his first experimentation with multiple personalities. I think he felt subconsciously that if he made an alter ego for himself he’d be able to do some of the things that maybe he was scared of or had repressed desires for but couldn’t act on them.”
    • Four Tet claims that Caribou and Daphni were responsible for creating a highly secretive, nationwide underground dancing club known as ‘Night Club’. “He had all of these rules to keep it underground. Like the first rule of Night Club was that you don’t talk about Night Club. Things like that.”
    • “In trying to find Daphni I travelled from city to city following his steps and everything felt incredibly familiar. Like I had been there before. It was around this time that the penny dropped and I realised that I was Daphni,” recounted Mr. Snaith. “Daphni wasn’t some guy I met, it was some guy I made up to do things that I couldn’t. He talks like how I want to talk, he fucks like how I want to fuck and dances how I want to dance.”
    • Mr. Snaith then claims that as Daphni he had planned to blow up some mainstream nightclubs and that in order to stop Daphni he had to turn a gun on himself. “I knew that was the only was to destroy him, or me. Or whatever. If he was just some guy in my head then I should just shoot myself in my head. So I did and miraculously lived. Immediately after the shooting my friend Marla convinced me to seek professional help and so I voluntarily committed myself to recover from the experience.”
    • Four Tet claimed that Mr. Snaith is now working through his issues and has even written a screenplay about his experiences of setting up an underground Night Club with his own alter-ego. “There’s never been anything like that done before. David Fincher is said to be really, really interested.”
    • A few weeks ago we entertained some ideas on memory, false memories, etc.  We referred to the work of Dr. Elizabeth Loftus of the University of California, Irvine, who has clearly demonstrated that memories are very fallible, that they can change over time, that they can be substantively influenced by the context in which they are recalled, and other matters.
    • She has shown that false memories can be implanted by clinical therapists and that these memories can be very real to the possessor even though demonstrably false. We did not, however, deal with so-called multiple personality disorder, or more usually, just simple "multiple personalities." Let's turn briefly there today.
    • I emphasize that this is a very complex subject and that I am certainly not going to consider our discussion to be in any way definitive. But it has been so sensationalized and, frankly, detrimental to many families, that it seems worth a brief exploration.
    • I draw primarily from the Sept. 28 issue of the journal "New Scientist," and I emphasize that it is not a professional psychological or psychiatric publication. Nor does the author come from either of those disciplines. She is Rosie Waterhouse, a British journalist who has covered the subject for years and is now writing a doctoral dissertation on the topic.
    • Waterhouse's major point, which seems beyond refutation, is that MPD has had a definite history of faddism. Fewer than 200 cases had been reported worldwide between the 17th Century when it was first proposed and the mid-1970s when the best-selling book "Sybil" appeared. After Sybil and her alleged 16 personalities it seemed that MPD became common -- between 1980 and 1998 in America alone, some 40,000 cases were reported. And the number of claimed personalities exploded as well -- patients were reported with dozens, scores and even in the low hundreds of "personalities."
    • Then came the inevitable harder look, and it turned out that many therapists were indeed planting and fomenting the development of these. In counseling persons with mood swings, for instance, the comment that "80 percent of people with your symptoms have been abused" could be enough to send the patient into mental activities that eventually "recalled" such abuses. And many families were torn apart when no such abuses had occurred.
    • Some patients began concluding that they'd been mis-led and began taking their counselors to court where numerous plaintiffs won big settlements.
      Waterhouse mentions a 2006 case for which 83 psychologists filed a "friend of the court" brief expressing that the ideas of recovered memories and MPD are "pernicious myths." Another prominent counselor does caution, however, that though most claimed cases are not valid, a few are. He and his colleague think that they've seen three genuine cases in their combined 45 years of practice.
    • Research into the Sybil case uncovered a number of problems that raised doubts of its veracity, though some defenders still accept the basic story. The bottom line seems to be: Approach this subject with extreme caution!
    • DREAMCATCHER REPERTORY THEATRE, professional Theatre in Residence at the Oakes Center in Summit, presents its fall evening of improv comedy with its resident troupe, MULTIPLE PERSONALITY DISORDER, on Saturday, November 2. This unpredictable evening is an affordable, enjoyable evening that is packed with laughs from start to finish.
    • Performers use ingredients such as everyday objects, strange maladies, and unusual circumstances to cook up unconventional mini-plays that appear and disappear in a matter of minutes. Every show is unique, with delightful surprises throughout the evening.
    • MULTIPLE PERSONALITY DISORDER will appear (and disappear!) at Dreamcatcher on Saturday, November 2 at 8:00 p.m. Tickets are $20, and $15.00 for students 15 and younger. To purchase tickets in advance, go to www.dreamcatcherrep.org or call Brown Paper Tickets at 1-800-838-3006.
    • Cenderine, This is where we are at so far with the curation.  If you have any ideas on how we could make this process work better ... I'm satisfied with most of it ... Basisally, we collect data from Google search
    • Then we process the annotations (and collect pictures from Google search) to go through each of these "curating type programs" to reach the most views from the public in many different formats which each have their own "fine points."  The Processed data also goes from these next five sources through connections from our blogs (2), Twitter, and FB.  We are focussing our success basically, if our programs come up like through Google search on "News Dissociative Identity Disorder." oh and yes ... we're a Multiple.
    • Now what we're working on is finding the best way to understand the information ... btw the slow down part above ... yes I know curating takes time, but at the Learnist stage ... we are trying to add comments that are better displayed then during "TheBrain" part and the "SpeakerDeck".   It takes time to to the "synthesis" part (by adding comments), so we've been exploring with coding/categorizing (see next).
    • 03 - A Multiple reviews his connections to several parts - trying not to be w/o feeling overwhelmed. 9-9-13 #204 - A scared Multiple is overwhelmed because she's remember things triggering her parts in the present as well as the past and that some things are being forgotten, so looks to a social circle to confirm her reality. 9-9-13 #205 - A Multiple asks about rapid switching as an explanation why she sometimes feels out of control and questions the feelings of separation from a part who is depressed. 9-9-13 #206 - A Multiple talks about how her therapy program isn't working for all aspects of her life and the limitations of the services being offered, or her own condition i.e. transportation, money 9-9-13 #207 - A Multiple asked for validation of self after being intimidated by parts switching especially over trauma memories being different for each. 9-9-13 #2
    • You can listen Sufjan Stevens Chicago Multiple Personality Disorder Version songs by left clicking on the titles and entering the simple captcha code. You can create your playlist with these Sufjan Stevens Chicago Multiple Personality Disorder Version tracks after entering the code from single listening page when you are logged in.
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    • Multiple Design Personality Disorder -Katie's House
    • I want to share with you a charming and beautiful local home.
        Katie of The White House Boutique has been gracious enough to allow us to tour her historic family home that she calls eclectically decorated. I call it FABULOUS BABY!!!!
    •  Look at these lovely wooden floors, and could you just die for that amazing coffee table? The craftsmanship of the arched doors is a rare find nowadays. She lives on my favorite street, nestled in the old part of town, with mature trees that create a canopy of welcome and coziness.
    • I am wondering if everyone can "see" their insiders?
    • I don't have very strong visuals of them. I can "feel" them and know who they are and when they come closer upfront.
    • I know some of them have certain hair/eye color but they seem to run away and not give me a true visual or are fuzzy, blackness or nothing visual at all....What's it like inside for you and your insiders???
    • I will always pretend to be happy. No matter how cold my feelings are. Because since I can't get any help, all I have to do is pretend.
    • Just taking a look around I'm seeing so many people here mentioning Asperger's syndrome... I don't know if I only didn't notice it the first time around because back then I wasn't diagnosed with AS yet, or if it's because the number of forum members diagnosed with AS actualy increased during this time. So it got me really curious about the relationship between AS and DID (at least from the point of view of those who post here).
    • How many of you all have been diagnosed with (or suspected to have) AS? For those of you who have, do you think your diagnosis makes sense? Or do you feel like you were only diagnosed with AS because they misinterpreted signs of your dissociative condition? For those of you who haven't been diagnosed with AS or other form of autism, do you believe that there seems to be some confusion among therapists, between identity dissociation and forms of autism?
    • I know that at least in theory there really is room for confusion, and I know that there's also room for autism being a risk factor for other conditions (which I believe is my case). But I wonder if that's really something that therapists will often confuse in practice while still being sure that they got it right. (I know my own psychologists and psychiatrists got so many things wrong, but none of them knew much about Asperger's or dissociative disorders, so I don't know if I can really think of them as "typical".)
    • This fascinating, poignant and inspirational memoir recounts her survival and journey towards mental wellness. 
      “The book eventuated from a stoical determination to seek freedom from overwhelming pain and memories,” Ineke said.
    • She has been working on her story for many years, partly as a form of therapy, assisted by the SA Writers’ Centre and by a grant for emerging artists from the Richard Llewellyn Arts and Disability Trust, which allowed her to employ a mentor and editor for her work.
    • Ineke wants to raise awareness of DID and offer hope to those who endure mental illness; this has given her the courage to share her remarkable story.
      “I want the world to know that, like myself, you can pick yourself up from the depths of despair to live a functional and fulfilling life,” Ineke said.
    • The short story is that it became more and more clear to me and the therapists that bipolar (or at least plain bipolar) was not my husband's main illness. A few months ago he was formally diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder which explains a lot but is also really challenging to live with.
    • More recently he even stopped his bipolar meds and there has been no change in his stability so it looks like the combination of different alters personalities/actions just looked like some of the classic manic or depressed symptoms.
    • Some of the issues are the same as bipolar and I still find it comforting to read your experiences, but it also has other challenges and I haven't been able to find any group for people in relationships with multiples. Even most stories I can find online of SOs end up being boy/girlfriends of under a year which is so different from my situation where I concerned about the impact on my two young kids as well his alters.
    • I seem to recall that there were people here who had spouses also originally diagnosed with bipolar who now either have dual diagnoses with DID or it changed to DID. If there is anyone else, could you PM or comment?
    • *Trigger Warning for system roles, abuse and general trigger warming*Just wanted to say hi to everyone! I'm sorry we haven't been able to be on for awhile, but since there's probably not many older members here that were following us, I suppose it doesn't matter that much.
    • I suppose I should reintroduce us. :) I'm Shadow, the (violent) protector of our system. I'm 18, and a girl. I'm writing for Faith (host and "original"), who's 14 (the body's this same age and gender as well) a girl, and I don't think she wants to write now, which is why I'm doing it.
    • The body (we?) were born at about 3 months early, (along with our blind twin sister, Arie) and so we were hospitalized for about 2 1/2 months.
    • In December 2012 we told the parents about us (after I showed Faith our inner world and revealed us to her). The mom and the dad both flipped out and thought Faith was crazy because she said we talked to her (because she didn't want to say we front) and the parents took us to our World's Most Crappy Therapist who did nothing to help us.
    • A few weeks before summer we'd told a friend about the abuse from the parents, who then told her mom. Her mom told SS. Nothing was done about the abuse but the mom is very spiteful over Faith "reporting her" and even thinks Faith hates her, when she doesn't.
    • We told a teacher at school about us and she told the guidance counselor, who told the psychologist. The psychologist said she may have to tell the parents about us, AGAIN. An alter, Lynn (introject), has been bothering me as of late about my past. This issue has been handled (just thought it was worth mentioning).
    • I am so glad to be apart of this forum. I've been reading many posts for months now and they have been very helpful. I was diagnosed with DID 2 years ago and am just now understanding my system.
    • Lizzy, one of my alters, has just started talking and Ame, the host, shuts her out because she feels what Lizzy has to say is not good for the system but really it just makes her feel uncomfortable because Lizzy was in love with our abuser. We know she was created to take that part of the abuse but it still bothers me, Ame.
    • I see a therapist and try very hard to let Lizzy talk but Ame "edits" what she says so it doesn't sound so bad. I feel stuck in Lizzy's memories and know I need to express them. Has anyone had trouble with a very controlling host?
    • Has anyone ever wondered about the begining. I mean has anyone ever wondered if they hadn't Experienced any trauma in their life . . . Would you still be a multiple. If none of that stuff ever happened - would you still Have had more than one personality anyway
    • Is it possible that you could have been predisposed To be this way.  T's tell us it happened in early childhood - because of Traumatic events whether they can be remembered or Not. We were just wondering is it possible that maybe We ( maybe not all people ) but is it possible that some Of us where born this way.
    • I'm not in favor of integration.  We're thinkin that We are very powerful beings. We just need to know that and find a way to tap Into something more Awesome and More Amazing Than We can humanly imagine.
    • We don't understand how single thinking people  Are able to operate. They are an enigma. We have no desire to think as they do.
    • We've just been thinkin . . . And Of the famous multiples We know - they seem To have super human strengths and abilities. Like superman - batman - spiderman - Wonder woman - Cat woman - the hulk. Their multiplicity is praised. Anyone else out there kinda thinkin like Us?
    • This is probably just an extraneous point, but it seems like it may be significant and I'm curious about what everyone here has to say.What do your inner thoughts/communications sound like? I hate myself for asking about this, but I am really curious about what everyone here has to say.
    • I have noticed that most of my inner thoughts/communications occur in the "you" or "we" case. I almost never have a thought/idea that feels like "I" came up with it, it usually feels like it is guided by someone else.
    • I have trouble in understanding this phenomenon. Perhaps I am a "point-man" of sorts of a part that is the actual "original host"? Is it possible that "I" am not the original "part"? I almost wouldn't be surprised if that were true, based on how much DP I feel on a regular basis.Lots of questions here, I apologize.
    • I had my first appointment this week. It went pretty well. She is open to the possibility of there being others. She suggested the usual journaling and that I talk to my sister, who supposedly remembers everything. She wants my sister to be my memory.
    • I've talked to her before about some things and it didn't help at all. I have no memory of what she described and no feelings about it either. It's as if she were talking about things that happened in a movie she saw. I had no feelings about it whatsoever.
    • It feels like my memories are so blocked and lost that they will never come back. I know my journey it's just beginning and I have a very long way to go, but I am but the patient type. Thanks for listening!
    • I updated this article because Dr. Yank, whose research was sited, stated that I misunderstood her research study from 1991.
      I am grateful that she came here and gave me this opportunity.
    • Dr. Yank submitted the following (an excerpt):
      Submitted on 2011/12/16 at 7:17 pm
      I happened to stumble upon this website and noticed a comment about my research. The research was rigorously performed and evaluated, but it seems that the blogger may not have understood the intent of the study.
      I am a handwriting researcher. My goal in this study was to determine whether individuals could write different styles so consistently over time that it would make it difficult to ascertain authorship on documents. This question is relevant in the case of questioned signatures and writings (wills, forgeries, written statements, and others). That goal was clearly stated in the article.
      I do not have an opinion on whether or not DID exists. My research showed that in some rare cases, alleged alters wrote in unique and consistent patterns over the time that samples were gathered (several months). These situations were very rare and were verified by people who knew the writers (I did not).
    • dissociative identity disorder (previously known as multiple personality disorder) is an effect of severe trauma during early childhood, usually extreme, repetitive physical, sexual, or emotional abuse.
    • i may refer my 'personalities' as alters or headmates(HM). if i type anything like /this/ it has something to do with my DID. if i am ever fronted(controlled) by a HM, they will have a initial or symbol to mark that it is them talking.
      • i hope this clears things a bit. it's really confusing to explain. my friends(who also have DID) are helping me with it all and it's really exciting. i got really /giddy/ while writing this! <:
    • i am poly and have been diagnsded for a while. i have been through hell and back .we put some of us to sleep because there was no functioning with them. we tell ourselves everyday that we have gone through the worst and made it . we can do this now and make it
    • She seems to have experienced 16 separate personalities, two of whom were male. It was the horrific child abuse Sybil's psychotic mother inflicted on her, along with the failure of her father to rescue her from it, that caused these personalities. Each one embodied feelings and emotions the 'real' Sybil could not cope with. The waking Sybil was deprived of all these emotions, and was therefore a rather drab figure
    • She was unaware of her other personas; while they were in 'control' of the body, Sybil suffered blackouts and did not remember the episodes. It was only the intervention of Dr. Cornelia Wilbur, a psychoanalyst, that alerted Sybil to them. The sequence of "splitting" which by which these alter egos appear to have emerged as separate identities is outlined in the 'family tree' above.
    • Pathological narcissism has been compared to the Dissociative Identity  Disorder (formerly the Multiple Personality Disorder). By definition, the  narcissist has at least two selves, the True and False ones. His personality is  very primitive and disorganised. Living with a narcissist is a nauseating  experience not only because of what he is – but because of what he is NOT. He is  not a fully formed human – but a dizzyingly kaleidoscopic gallery of ephemeral  images, which melt into each other seamlessly. It is incredibly  disorienting.
    • That the narcissist possesses a prominent False Self as well as a  suppressed and dilapidated True Self is common knowledge. Yet, how intertwined  and inseparable are these two? Do they interact? How do they influence each  other? And what behaviours can be attributed squarely to one or the other of  these protagonists? Moreover, does the False Self assume traits and attributes  of the True Self in order to deceive?
    • Narcissists are not prone to "irresistible impulses" and dissociation  (blanking out certain stressful events and actions). They more or less fully  control their behavior and acts at all times. But exerting control over one's  conduct requires the investment of resources, both mental and physical.  Narcissists regard this as a waste of their precious time, or a humiliating  chore. Lacking empathy, they don't care about other people's feelings, needs,  priorities, wishes, preferences, and boundaries. As a result, narcissists are  awkward, tactless, painful, taciturn, abrasive and insensitive.
    • Abusers appear to be suffering from dissociation (multiple personality). At  home, they are intimidating and suffocating monsters – outdoors, they are  wonderful, caring, giving, and much-admired pillars of the community. Why this  duplicity?