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Monday, November 25, 2013

NEWS DID/MPD (Dissociative Identity Disorder/Multiple Personality Disorder) for week ending November 3, 2013

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    • hes got to have some kind of multiple personality disorder...
    • I think im at my breaking point and now Im lying here on the couch and the thought of going over to cuddle up with him enters my head. I just want respect from him and to stick with one opinion, not go from telling me Im such a great mom to telling me prettymuch nothing i do is right. I love this man, for who he can be sometimes, but other times i hardly know him.
    • 5 love languages as you described it makes a lot of sens, i think i will grab that.
      Thank you all, I am glad to have found this site.
    • For children and adults alike, the most exciting thing about Halloween is putting on a costume and being someone—or something—else for a day.  What we wear can profoundly change our attitudes and behaviors, so in some ways, we actually can become someone completely different on Halloween, and it’s SO MUCH FUN!
    • But imagine becoming someone else without warning.  Like Nicki Minaj suddenly transforming into Roman Zolanski or Queen Bey turning into Sasha Fierce, you had the same body but took on an entirely new persona with a completely different past?  Instead of wearing the costume, you are the costume?!  Wait, what?
    • I’m talking about dissociative identity disorder (DID) a.k.a. multiple personality disorder (MPD) a.k.a. split personality disorder.  If you suffer from DID, you might wake up on November 1st not remembering anything that has happened in the past 24 hours, because you have spent your Halloween as someone else (if you’d like to experience this without DID, refer to this list from BuzzFeed).
    • Sybil’s was an archetypal case of DID.  Upon investigation, however, it was discovered that the real Sybil, Shirley Mason, was not abused as a child.  She had even admitted to another psychiatrist, Herbert Spiegel (strangely, the father of D. Spiegel of ref. 1), that she only enacted her multiple personalities to please Dr. Wilbur!  It was later revealed that the relationship between the psychiatrist and patient was inappropriately intimate, and the two even lived together at one point!
    • Despite the revelation of Sybil’s fraud, DID continues to be diagnosed.  Although its prevalence is unknown, it is potentially as high as 1% (the same as schizophrenia)1!  The prevalence of DID cases in academic literature, however, has dropped since it peaked in the 90s, suggesting that it was just a fad.
      •  DID may lead (and has led) to the false accusation of sexual abusers.  There may be no other “proof” of abuse except for a recovered memory (which are often, though not always, unreliable).
      •  DID may lead to the false innocence of a criminal with multiple personalities–but see Lewis et al. for some legit investigation into 12 murderers who probably actually had DID.
      •  Who legally represents the full person?  Do the other personalities, besides the primary, deserve individual rights?
      • Other things to consider, courtesy of A.A.T. Simone Reinders: 
        • Traumatized children may be hyper-suggestible
        • Subjects reporting recovered childhood trauma memories more frequently falsely recall and recognize words
        • Patients with DID are more easily hypnotized
        • Patients with DID have impaired memory for traumatic words
        All of these thoughts are making us anxious…
      • Uploaded on Jul 3, 2007  
        Man with DID
    • But back to DID, if I have it, it's not as severe as I've seen on youtube, but I'm certain my personality changes throughout the day and my memory does as well (I really can't remember some things I should). This mostly happens in school (well now I'm at uni), and when I get home it's like I'm a whole new different person, it's like waking up and I'm like "wtf did I just do".
    • Nowadays it's not as bad as it used to be, but it's still there. The big problem with this is that I'm having problems making good friends. Right now I don't have any good (boy) friends. I have a girlfriend and she's the only one that knows about my condition, but if I brake up with her I'll be all alone again I guess. I mean, I socialize with my colleagues and sometimes I get along with them really well, but I can't make any good friends. Most of them think I am a "fake" when they see me acting differently but there's nothing I can do about that. I don't know, but I think it's hard to maintain relationships with a condition like this.
    • Sometimes I even feel depressed because of this (I had some massive depression breakdowns in the past) and I don't know what to do. I guess everything I expect from this forum is meet some people I could talk to when I feel really lonely ...
    • Published on Mar 29, 2011  
      Emmy award-winning film is a look into how people can develop multiple personalities. This is a look at the amazing capacity of the mind to survive abuse through the splitting off of personalities.
    • Usually taking hold in childhood, Multiple Personality Disorder is thought of as many people's way of shutting out abuse and trauma from their formative years. During this film we get to see some people who suffer from the disorder, whilst exhibiting their various different personalities.
    • Film by: HBO / Michael Mierendorf / Gloria Steinem Year: 1993
    • Every year many who believe they were raised in satanic cults get paranoid and worry that some cult will call them back during the Halloween holidays, or they go into long harangues about wanting to go back – while pleading with their online communities, and therapists, to Please help me stay safe!
    • I am not poking fun at people who believe they were raised in a destructive abusive cult, rather, I am directly speaking to therapists who support this rubbish based on what? Do therapists have evidence other than the testimony, or recovered memories, of their client?
    • It is psychotherapists who believe that multiple personalities exist who either generate, or support, this nonsense. It’s the same therapists who are working overtime tonight and banking monies (if they are billing) for which they expect insurance companies to reimburse them. If you take issue with your insurance company supporting this, speak up.
    • Help the public find a shred of evidence that patients have been abducted. Help us find the satanic cults that are successful at calling back women into their fold. Better yet, help us stop the insanity!
  • 25 Nov 13
    The three Bayesian analyses all address the basic research question -- "does the recognition performance of the DID Patients resemble that of Malingerers or Amnesiacs?" - by asking different and complementary statistical questions. the first analysis showed that the estimated group accuracy of the DID Patients is about equidistant from the group accuracies of Malingerers and Amnesiacs. The second analysis showed that if DID Patients have to be classified as either Malingerers or Amnesiacs, they are evenly divided between the two. The third analysis shows that the most likely structure at the level of group means is the structure in which DID Patients, Malingerers, and Amnesiacs each have their own unique mean.

    None of these analyses individually compellingly answer the research question at hand. But, in combination, they mount a strong argument that the research question cannot be clearly answered with the current data set. In fact, the results suggest that we can be relatively confident hat we cannot be confident about whether DID Patients are more similar to Malingerers or Amnesiacs. By reasoning under uncertainty in a coherent manner, and by combining evidence from different analyses, we hope to have constructed an argument that even Rich Shiffrin will find compelling. Our prior beliefs, however, suggests that Rich is likely to suggest sensible analyses or alternative explanations that have you yet crossed our minds.
    • Similarly, a great many director general, presidents or other highly visible figures in the corporate world opt for a personal presence, although this doesn’t prevent them from participating in discussions about their brand when they see fit. In many cases, this benefits the brand, although on other occasions it can harm it. For an entrepreneur, for example, it is recommendable to have a single personality that projects their empathy toward, and understanding of, a project, while in more conservative corporate environments it used to be the case—although this is changing—that such figures were kept apart from the public.
    • I know of large companies that try to limit the presence of their employees on the social networks, for example, preventing them from letting the world know who they work for, so as to prevent any problems that might arise from personal statements that might contradict company policy. Such policies are legally dubious, and are a clear violation of the principle of free speech, and could only really apply in extreme cases such as going on line to insult your boss or the company president.
    • As we can see, the issue of online profiles is indeed complex, with a great many factors at play, such as the type of social network and who you are. Time will tell, as the networks develop. It is more challenging to manage several profiles than one, and I personally try to avoid it. That said, this is an issue that we are going to find coming up time and again, and about which it would be a good idea to form some kind of position.
    • As use of the social networks spread, questions regarding what we do with it are constantly being raised; one of the most common of which is whether or not we should create different profiles for our different online activities.
    • As I discussed on one of the chapters in my book, the social networks are engendering a neo-humanism that is blurring many of the frontiers between the personal and the professional. I see this in terms of what you are and what you do. I harbor few doubts that I “am” Enrique Dans, and that this is who I will be tomorrow morning. At the same time, I “am” a professor at IE Business School, but the fact that this is what I have been doing for the last 22 years doesn’t mean that tomorrow I won’t be somewhere else (or at least in a month’s time, taking into account labor legislation).
    • That said; I believe that there are some factors that could progressively establish principles for general use. In the first place, although it may seem obvious to point it out, but not all networks are the same: the criteria we adopt when managing our Facebook page, Google+, LinkedIn, or Twitter, for example, have nothing necessarily to do with each other, and may all be different. The nub of the issue is the use you make of them, which may well be innumerable.
    • So, without wishing to press the point, we’re talking about networks that are for personal use mainly. Can you create several personal profiles on them? Of course, but in the first place you would be breaking the terms of use, and what’s more it would be quite hard work to manage them: you would have to use different navigators, or be constantly logging in and out. If you want to manage your personal and corporate profile at the same time, go ahead, but they shouldn’t be profiles, but pages, or their equivalents. If you really are determined to have different personalities, like a teenager hiding things from your parents… then you have a problem (possibly psychological: that’s not my department, but think about it:-).
    • This is a complex matter. We are all different, and trying to impose rules is often a waste of time. Internet use by somebody with a reasonably well-balanced professional and personal life may well be very different from another person, who for example, also uses the net for professional reasons, as would be the case with a community manager.
    • Tell Me I'm Crazy, Please! 

        For real, I want somebody else to point out to me that I’m being unreasonable. Maybe I will listen to another voice besides all of my own… Because I’m typing this with tears running down my face because my a-hole landlord parked his van for sale in my front yard. This, admittedly annoying, small factor has been the straw that broke the camel’s back for me and convinced me that I’m useless, unimportant, not worthy of consideration…
    • …because my landlord puts things in the yard of the house I rent even though I’ve vocalized my displeasure at such behavior… …because my psychiatrist (the documented Dr. D#$%) has messed up every single one of my prescriptions. Every. Single. One. .. …because so many people have done so many bad things to me… …because I can go weeks speaking only to my husband or child… …because I can’t work and we are financially f-worded because of this… …because my old therapist quit and left me in the care of Dr. D$%&’s friend, the therapist hereby known as “The Nuge”… …just because I say so, okay?
    • You all get it, I’m sure. Is there anybody who knows the trick to feeling okay? Because I would be willing to, not pay (see above mentioned “financially f-worded” bit) but heap praise on the person who has figured out how not to go down this pathetic path I find myself on.
    • If you know the secret, please share. How do “normal” people just feel things a wee little bit? How do they tone down the feelings from bright screaming neon to pretty little muted pastels? In short, how does anybody not cry over a stupid van in their yard?
    • I have been hiding it from my family and friends only my husband knows about it 
      My mum who knows nothing about mental health just thinks i act weird because of the medication am on 
      There are different type of alters ( personalities ) there are the littles ( age 0-7 ) tweens ( 7-11) Teens ( 12-18) adults ( 18+)
      Protectors ( makes sure everyone is  safe ) inside helpers ( look after  the little's and tweens ) Dark Alters ( ones that abuse other alters or use to )   i am the Host just call me Faint .
    • The alters would like to be a part of this forum but am not allowing the little's or tween to do so 
      The teen can and will post here if that is ok with the admin .
      I know that some of you will not believe me  i have lived with this for 7 years i have had some therapy for it  but  the therapist we last had  broke our trust and we said we never go back for therapy for the sexual abuse / DID therapy  we are waiting for therapy for OCD  but that all we are going to talk about there is that 
    • Today the littles went and ate meat ( we are veggie normally ) and binged on a lot of food 
      Av never met anyone else with DID and an eating disorder so i don't know  if there are anyone here who has it 
      The reason the meat was in the house is that my husband isn't veggie and likes meat
    • In the past we have put pictures of ourselves  on this forum  they are there  for a few days then they are removed 
      but we think in the future we will not put pics of ourselfs up  

      I hope this is ok to post about and that am still welcomed here me and my alters
    • Journey of Quite Frankly AnnAnn M. Garvey, the author, writes a daily non-traumatizing journal about her day to day world as someone with multiple personality disorder. The story takes place between August, 2003 and August, 2004 as Ms. Garvey again restarts her full-time work responsibilities after a two-month hospitalization for depression and acting out suicide idealizations.Journalism/blogging in an online community becomes an imaginative outcome in communicating with external others and acting as a reference point for her many selves.Ms. Garvey’s world is not about integration; it is about communication, trust and understanding.Life isn’t always smooth, but runs effectively with effort. Ms. Garvey encourages you to join her in an ongoing journey of Ann’s Multiple World of Personality, Regular No Cream No Sugar.
    • Looking For People With Multiple Personality Disorder 

        my name is angel. My mother has multiple personality disorder or D.I.D, I have lived my entire life taking care of her and the 3 other alters within her. I am a writer and am currently writing a book about her struggle and my experiences caring for her. I am seeking individuals who would not mind sharing their own experiences with me so i can better understand the bigger picture. I want to know the ups, the downs, the strenths and falls of each personality and how it has effected your daily living, family life, relationships etc.....
    • One of the alters in our system, B, communicates only by showing us what he’s thinking or wants to do. He also happens to be homicidal, psychotic, and extremely disturbed. He is constantly showing us visions of burning down buildings, hurting people, killing people, etc. Not only does whoever is fronting see this, but they feel his overwhelming urge to go through with these thoughts.
    • t's getting to be impossible to cope with, and I'm worried he's going to come out and do something terrible. I don't want to tell the doctors at the hospital, because I think they'll just want to force us to integrate again the moment they hear that the alters are causing me trouble. Has anyone dealt with anything similar? Any advice?
    • I'm hoping that you can share your experiences of having dreams (nice and unpleasant) as someone with DID...
    • I, the ANP, can remember a few unpleasant dreams as a child and through young adulthood I rarely dreamt at all. Over the last few years as I've become more and more co-conscious I've dreamt more. And over the last year they've become more frequent still. I understand that dreaming is a way of processing information so I guess more dreams = more healing?
    • With our dreams over the last 6 months, I am aware of a young part of myself talking in the dream and she is separate from me and the other parts who seem to experience it together with me (or perhaps they're not all conscious of it?). But I guess this may be that we are not in such a deep sleep whilst dreaming, just before waking.
    • Does anyone else dream like this, with parts experiencing it separately? Or are you whole, experiencing it as a singleton?
    • I need advice. My T helps the best she can but...?I have a few alters who could be called alcoholics. About a year ago I started going to AA meetings upon the advice of my T. I struggled for a long time and finally I was able to get control of the problem
    • But today I went to pick up some things for dinner and got stuck in the liquor isle. I literally could not move. I felt myself switching and was fighting it. This alter kept saying "you don't have a problem, "they" are all wrong and this bottle will make the memories go away. It's the only way for us to get better" After about 40 minutes standing there talking to myself I left the store (without alcohol) feeling shaky and sick and now I have a migraine.
    • I don't even know what i'm wanting here. I just know that the people in AA don't know I have DID and no one in my DID support group has a drinking problem so I feel all alone and i'm very scared. I don't want to go back to the way I was. I'm finally getting the help I need and it's slowly working, i'm healing.Does anyone have any advice? Am I just hopeless? What if I never "get it" and never heal?
    • I feel out of control. I can feel myself dissociate. I never noticed it before. I thought I was getting better at being in charge of my system but now everyone inside just says and does whatever they want. No one inside is listening to me. I'm mad about it.
    • I am a support person. I was wondering if there was a way that alters can sneak out if they need to get an urgent message to someone on the outside, even if they are not in control. In other words, if someone on the inside feels they need to talk to someone, yet they are not the one in control, or perhaps they are SCARED of the one in control, how to they go about sneaking out to contact someone unbeknownst to the other alters, or do they have to be given permission?
    • I recently experienced something like this with my friend with DID, he needed to talk to me about something, but I can see he is not the one in control right now and cannot fully be with me at this time. Anyone have any theories on how this works?
    • made it to our doctors appointment yesterday and sort of tried to explain what was going on. he was really understanding about how anniversaries can ###$ things up in the system. more memories, more anniversaries are lining up around this time. it's like our life always went to $#%^ around this time of year. i feel so mad. i SI too, but im not stupid about it.
    • *possible trigger warning* it was hard enough dealing with SA fragmented memories, but now the more psychological and emotional stuff is coming forward and its freaking me out (in the more going crazy way than scared). im seeing too many similarities in our thought patterns and realizing how brainwashed we were. it hurts more that we still have people/fragments inside us that are doing exactly what hurt them in the first place. *possible trigger warning end*
    • Nym's still freaking out about the 'box' and we all have no idea how open we should be in therapy. don't want to suffocate, but don't want to call for help. Can't live in stasis either, as this event has proved.how much help do we even deserve? i feel like a fraud, and an overly needy one at that. :?
    • I don't know if many people here have been diagnosed with ADHD, but I imagine it's not uncommon to have ADHD/ADD if you have DID/DDNOS. ADHD by definition already makes you "absent-minded" and "imaginative" from a very early age, so I guess it would a major catalyst for a child to develop "intense dissociative solutions" to cope with every aspect of existence in or after intolerable situations.
    • The thing is that some of the defining components of DID like "time loss" and "excessive forgetfulness" are also defining components of ADHD, except for the degree of the effect involved in one and the other. I guess if you have one condition and possibly the other one too, and if want to really make your life more manageable, then you need to learn how subtle or not-so-very-subtle is the difference between one and the other, so you can know how to think of methods to glue the pieces of your days together.
    • Even if you don't have ADHD, I guess it's easy to simply not notice when you're being forgetful or losing time. How do you tell when there's real forgetfulness and time loss happening and it's not just that "you're tired and that's normal"?
    • PS: Sorry if I have been posting a lot but not participating much in other people's threads. I'd like to participate more, and I intend to. It's just that right now I have way too much stuff in my ("our"?..) head. Thanks.
    • elated books
    • Okay, so my character has DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder), more commonly known as MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder). His name is Ariel, like the spirit from Shakespeare's The Tempest, or The Little Mermaid if you must (he hates being called that!).
      He is half-fey (Half mortal, half faery) and he has awesome superpowers.
    • My main concern is writing him with these personalities and making it even slightly believable. I think I could get away with it because it's a fantasy book but I'm wondering whether he would regard his other personalities as different aspects of himself, or completely different people he has no control over.
    • I've loosely fleshed out four other personalities that he has to contend with in order to keep control of his body. Although he is 17 years old, he is not aware of the other personalities, only of time lost to him-- sometimes hours, sometimes days.
    • And of course, he has a girlfriend who is completely unaware of the other personalities, so her reaction would be central to the story as well.
    • Just addressing once again the old disagreement between me and us. But I hope I'm adding something and not simply being a repetition of old forum posts here.
    • I know that, in a physical sense, I am one person, and that, still in a physical sense, there is no clearly discernible division within. But I know that there are separate parts with distinct autonomy, even if there are no clear boundaries.
    • So I guess the question I am asking myself is whether maintaining my self-perception as singular promotes a sense of inclusion or a sense of exclusion instead — considering an emotional point of view, which is something foreign to me. And I know that there are parts that I simply don't want to include, because they can be extremely counterproductive.
    • How do you deal with this issue within your own self-system — or, in other words, within yourself / among yourselves? What perspectives and attitudes have helped promote harmony within, for you?Thanks in advance. I greatly appreciate any opportunity to gain a measure of understanding from your own personal and individual experiences.
    • it's easy to like kittens cause they are lovable. I'm glad it made you happy.Here's a kitty picture that makes me happy.
    • For the first time ever the philosophy Walt and Tanner (Plan) made has reached a point that we can't choose.
    • The fact that "Everything can be replaced" has been getting us by longer than anything else and now it suddenly fell apart and split our system into halves that hate each other now. Like two forks in the road.
    • Me Al Elias Cornio and Hayner and Walt in one and Stephen Plan Dale Clayde. Ru has changed and been tormented and refuses to come out. It's a weird stress about finding people and things half of us refuse to replace and walk by but if we don't we won't get by and we don't know what to do. We're never split on a majority rules option like this. If anyone has any suggestions...
    • Add an Answer to "I feel like I have dissociative identity disorder or bipolar  I behave different all the time Idk what it is I Change"
    • New member - Hi all. Just been diagnosed some weeks ago.
    • For me.... you know you're Did when -The term Me Myself and I are more than just a saying, my brother-in-law asked me if I saw it as a team building exercise!
    • When you end up over 100 miles from home, look at your cell and see numerous missed calls and texts from your wife.
    • When you know you had a rough night with flashbacks, but cannot remember any of it, but you know it happened.
    • The past two days felt like walking through a field of trigger landmines. Stuff that hasn't bothered us for a long time is suddenly freaking us out again. Someone in here keeps wanting to reenact *trigger warning
    • specific self harm and subsequent punishment for said self harm. Mass memories of the psychological abuse our mother put us through are popping up again and the fragments are latching onto that like it's some lifeline and filling my head with memories/words that i shouldn't even remember because they're not mine to remember! Her ######6 "speeches" and tirades/justifications keep playing like someone recorded it.
    • We're worthless, we're lazy. Spoiled disgusting brat that gets everything and can't even give her love. We're HER abusers, she's nothing but good to us. She gives us everything, but all we do is take and take. We're so disgusting.
    • So useless, just faking it all for attention. You dont have any problems, no depression, nothing. NO one hurt you. Your life was perfect and better than anyone else's. No abuse. Didn't get locked in a closet or starved by her, so that's not abuse. Why is the ######6 social worker here? How dare you all tell on your perfect parents that give you everything. Daddy never touched you. You're the ugly one anyhow, but at least you have your brain. No one would ever do something like that to you. He'd have to rape you before I ever leave him. *trigger warning end*
    • loks us in boxx, not pisical but metla prison. no lets out. no sppeak about it. no bad. hidee and bury. silence is our box.. now we trys to open box but sufcoate is bettefr. scarey but les painful. in end anhyh]owwy air so cool ad sweet. easer if not so nice. just stay in box forver.
    • A less somber topic this time: just "regular" day-to-day life. A normal day... I was wondering if this is something anyone here has experienced, and what it's like (because I was wondering if I can remember having ever experienced it myself, I guess).** Daily disorientation. Possible trigger, maybe? **
    • Can you describe what it's like to have a normal day, where you wake up at a normal time, and you follow through with your day from start to finish, doing the things you need to do and the things you want and like to do (especially the little things), in a sequence that makes sense — so much so that throughout your entire day you don't even stop to wonder "what's wrong" or "how did I get here, and how can I get out of this situation"?
    • I think this song/video ("let forever be") is a very good artistic representation of what I mean:<!-- m -->http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5FyfQDO5g0
    • For those who have been in treatment or who have had success with their own coping methods for daily life: do you have any tips how to reduce the usual disorientation?PS: I don't have access to proper treatment at the moment, so I'll probably keep asking questions here that I should be asking a therapist instead. Any input is appreciated. Thanks.