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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

*** 9-8-12 to 9-26-12 News Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) - Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) - All Items this entry are from Google Search and RED items meet Ann's criterial for Ignorant List

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    • ID I searched for on DDN.. I'm just really needing some support. It's a really frightening time right now.   I have spent as long as I can remember in parts... losing time... finding myself in odd places or forgetting how to do things right in the middle of doing them (like driving a car), not recognising my name or other people who say they know me/had a conversation with me, and I have no clue. I've been in various therapies and hospitals since I was about 11 and I have a significant trauma background. Although therapists to date have diagnosed me with Borderline, PTSD, Anxiety Disorders, etc - I don't beleieve any yet really looked into why I would constantly lose time, beyond the 'dissociation resulting from ptsd' idea. Several therapists would become frustrated at me, and tell me I'm not doing enough mindfulness exercises to keep me present. I felt really really frustrated by this, because I felt like I was honestly trying.
    • Being Dx'd did help in the long run, though I will tell you I was absolutely terrified at first. Once I got past the "uhoh I really -AM- crazy" part-- I realised there was a relief that -finally- what the professional was saying made sense. When those who knew me best were told-their response was..."oh that makes sense!". At least with some sort of definitive recognition that something like this was what I was dealing with there was a way to start dealing with it.   Ok so on to your questions before this disappears again-Yes it helped in the long run to finally get a handle on what was happening. I will say though it was not all sunshine a roses from that point on , in fact things got worse for a bit before they started getting better. Think of it rather like having to open up an inflamed wound to clear out the infection so you can heal properly. It
      • your wish for a safe place is one that we can relate well to! Now, my experience happened at a time when things in the psych world were ( I hope!) very different from what is available now. I can understand your feeling about hospitals and my choice has always been to avoid that option unless there IS no other option. Others I have met or spoken with, the hospital has been a saving grace for them. Let them have a very controlled environment around them so that they could begin to work on the internal environment and get some stability there.
      • My suggestion is this: First: talk to your therapist about your needs, what you are looking for. If you can articulate what 'safe' is for you it will be easier to accomplish. If you can find out what 'safe' means for any or all of the others even better! You may be surprised.   Second: dont discount the Hospital as a tool in your toolbox. it doesn't mean you ever have to use it but if there ever comes a time when you need it..it could be just the thing. Like anything else it will have it's helpful points and it's not so helpful points.   Third: Trust that your system and you have gotten you this far and it will continue to. yes, things could probably work smoother, there are things that will need to change for you health and well being but right now, right here...you are on your way even if it seems awful.
      • Fourth: Pace yourself, check in with yourselves and your therapist. If you have to take one minute at a time because that is all you can count on...then take it one minute at a time. It is -your- journey.   Fifth: Be kind to yourself. You have shown you are kind here so make sure that gets turned inward as well. Forgive yourself when things go awry and applaud yourself when things go well. Keep your sense of humour! ( one of my biggest things for me was learning that-just because something didn't work for me didn't mean that I ha
      • d failed)   Sixth: Post-it notes can be your best friend! (Just one of my own little-how to live with DID- tips) :) I have lots!
      • One more thing I wanted to mention. More a word of caution.   I would suggest not reading the books about other multi's for the time being. While they can be really helpful in letting you know you aren't alone-a lot of them can be extremely triggering especially if you are just at the beginning of your work. Many of them while excellent are graphic. Until you have a
    • o, I was in the book store last night in the pyschology section looking for an entirely unrelated book to SA and I came across this book titled "The Trauma Myth" as I read the back of the book it was talking about the affects of childhood SA and the subsequent psychological damage it does to children leading into their adult lives. I thought it looked really interesting so I bought it and went home to read it.
    • I should have taken more heed to the title because as the book went on basically this women (not sure if she's a doctor or what her credentials, if any, she has) was saying how childhood SA is not actually traumatic when it happens to a child because a child doesn't even process what's going on as sexual in nature. She also went on to suggest that because SA can't be traumatic then it's virtually impossible to repress the abuse and in the book was feeding into the idea that remembering trauma later in life is a farse.
      • This one is extra horrible because this author cannot deny what happened, so she has to deny that it hurt her. Maybe she was not hurt by what happened to her, but there is no doubt I was hurt by what happened to me. I have dissociated identities. When random horny men violate my boundaries, sometimes instead of defending myself I lose time while a dissociated identity (a child) attempts to handle the situation.
      • Here is a document you might want to read. It is the consensus of the experts on DID. Here are the facts and it's a wonderful read. International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation (2011). Guidelines for Treating Dissociative Identity Disorder in Adults, third revision. Journal of Trauma & Dissociation. 12:2, 2011; 115-187 (2011). The full pdf file is online.<!-- m -->http://www.isst-d.org/jtd/GUIDELINES_REVISED2011.pdf
      • Sexual abuse does not occur in a vacuum, but is often in the context of blatant disregard for the emotional needs of the child, and often involves implicit physical coercion if not outright physical abuse and familial denial or complicity. Clancy is right in that sexual abuse, in and of itself, is not the "sole cause" of the many problems experienced by traumatized individuals, but she takes this fact reductio ad absurdum. It is the entire package of relational, physical, and emotional neglect and abuse that accompany sexual abuse that likely makes it so damaging, the feeling of helplessness, lack of control, blame and shame, and physical and emotional violation.
      • Using limited and flawed research and interviews, ignoring nuanced theories and research, and labeling clinicians wholesale as being financially vested in their "profitable industry," Clancy does a unfortunate disservice to society and to those who have been genuinely hurt by sexual and other types of abuse as children.Kathy Steele, MN, CS
    • One in five Canadians live with it, but a new report suggests we’re not doing enough to help the mentally ill. 
      This came as no surprise to Jayne Whyte. She’s a patient in Regina’s mental health system suffering from dissociative identity disorder, an illness that can cause severe depression, anxiety, and confusion.  
    • Frustrated with the public system, she’s given up and turned to pricey private professionals, but it’s a cost she feels fortunate to afford. 
      “Too often I see people who are not getting what they need and if they can’t afford to pay for it, they don’t get what they need,” said Whyte. 
      • She attended the Regina & Area Mental Wellbeing forum where local health workers, policy pushers, and community based providers are sharing their ideas on how they can repair a broken system. 
      • He says it’s a problem that’s caused mainly by lack of coordination. 
        There are 100 community services in Regina that provide partial mental health services. The result is the patient has to learn the ins and outs of the system and prove to countless front line workers, they’re sick enough to get care. 
        Picard says that’s not a health care system, but a sickness care system. 
      • “It increases their depression, and increases their risk of suicide,” she said. “It increases the sense of hopelessness that comes when you realize that things are beyond your control and you don’t have the help you need.” 
    • “How many of you have multiple accounts on Facebook, Twitter or  any other social media sites or in fact all of them”?
      Well, the answer to this question would probably make me write a book on personality disorder. People call this “chemical mis-match” but I think it is the undefined territory which we all want to traverse in our lives.
      Having said so, it is somewhat important to carry off different personality representations of yourself on different platforms, with respect to your interests, so as to have knowledge on varied subjects. Barring the official accounts one can be him/her own self and look into the varied dimensions of life
    • The best ways to act as a “turn on”  is to be yourself, help others, don’t be a whiner and socialize with all your interests. This can bring in positive vibes with you while you are having a two way conversation. One should even respond to all your queries hurdled at them and engage.
      • Lastly, having multiple personalities can have its toll on an individual as well. Seeming to be a person which one is not actually can be hazardous. All said  and done being a multi-tasker wins accolades. But one cannot be a multi-tasker without having multiple personalities. So, enjoy your disorder and create situations which you could not have lived elsewhere.
    • Most people usually make the serious mistake of confusing demonic possession with mental illness. Illnesses such as Schizophrenia, Tourette syndrome, Epilepsy, Sleep Paralysis, and Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder) are often wrongly attributed to demonic possession. Some people believe that demonic possession is nonexistent and that mental illness accounts for all cases of demon possession; while others believe that all mental illnesses are caused by demonic possession. Both of these groups are wrong and in this article we delve into the topic of why demon possession and mental illness are not one and the same thing.
    • While people suffering from both types of conditions may speak incomprehensible speech, there is a big difference between the two. A person with demon possession usually speaks rationally, he knows what he is talking about and can explain fully about a subject or topic. On the other hand, someone with mental illness such as schizophrenia often speaks irrationally and mostly uses sentences that do not make any sense. He also tends to jump between unrelated topics very quickly without the knowledge that he is doing so.
      • A demon possessed person usually has an aversion to religion especially Christianity and does not want anything to do with it. He might also be very reluctant to enter any religious building. People suffering from mental illness on the other hand are often very religious and committed to their religion.
      • For people with mental illnesses, medical experts and neurologists will be able to identify the cause of their illness after performing tests. Also, medication will most usually help in alleviating the illness and this will show that the illness is psychological in nature. For a person with demonic possession, medical tests will normally reveal nothing wrong with them and medication will not help in alleviating the problem.
        This will show that the illness is spiritual in nature. However, medications and tests are fallible and the fact that no mental illness can be traced or treated in a person should not be taken as proof that the person is demon possessed.
      • People with demon possession often portray supernatural behavior. The person can gain the ability to speak a language he has never been taught (a real language like German or Latin), have knowledge of things he has no way of knowing, cause objects to move in his presence without touching them, or violently react when in the presence of blessed items while being unaware.
        They may also experience trances, levitation, poltergeist, and telepathy. A person suffering from mental illness will not be able to display any supernatural behavior and will only speak words with no meaning that do not constitute a language. To make sure that a person is actually demonpossessed, you have to document their preternatural behavior and make sure that they have never been exposed to the language they now speak, and are not moving items due to psychokinesis (the ability to move things through personal mental effort).
      • While mental illness and demon possession may have similar characteristics, they are in fact very different. This is why enough study and documentation must be done with the help of an expert before someone is declared as being demon possessed.
    • Generally speaking celebrities have their personal life personalities and then their celebrity personalities (which, of course, bleed into each other to whatever extent). Yet quite often, celebrities will develop further personalities such as when they work on special projects as was the case when country musician Garth Brooks created an alter ego, Chris Gaines, in order to put out a non-country album.
    • Thus, some celebrities end up with alter egos upon alter egos upon alter egos. In some cases, this seems to go beyond merely playing a character and the psycho-emotional-spiritual line is crossed into what appears to be full blown multiple personality disorder / dissociative identity disorder (MPD/DID). Other times celebrities appear to be, and admit to be, possessed.
      • Some actors, such as Nicolas Cage (see Nicolas Cage occult “Nouveau Shamanic” acting method) no longer want to “act” but want to become their characters and do so via occult rituals.
        And so you have a person, who has a public and a celebrity persona, who has an alter ego, who ends up taking on multiple characters/spirits. Even if we are just dealing with actual acting in a movie; the character is mused upon, contemplated, discussed, developed, acted out in preparation of the role and since shooting a movie may take a year or more, on and off, the character becomes, to whatever level, a part of the actor.
      • MK Ultra refers to admitted CIA experiments on how to purposefully creation of multiple personalities / a dissociative disorder, memory loss, mind control, etc. employing everything from hypnosis to hallucinogenic drugs and from shock therapy to implanting devises.
        What is surprising is that the purposeful development of multiple personality disorder / dissociative identity disorder has not become hip, the in thing to do. Surely in the near future it will become trendy to purposefully develop MPD/DID—perhaps under the auspices of the transhumanist / transhumanism movement.
      • People with merely one personality will be looked down upon as un-evolved. Perhaps this will even become a fill in portion of resumes, “I’m the person you’re looking for. I have a personality who is very aggressive and can plow down the competition. I have a personality who gets along splendidly with co-workers. I have another one that is a math wiz,” etc., etc., etc.
      • In this case the alter egos/MPD/DID were actually the result of trauma as, “While growing up, Minaj's home life was often chaotic, with her parents constantly fighting. As a means of escape, she would create characters and live her life through them. In an interview with New York she stated, "To get away from all their fighting, I would imagine being a new person.” For example, Roman Zolanski “was born inside her, out of rage, and becomes him when she is angry. She has also said ‘He is a demon inside her’” and “He’s the boy that lives inside of me. He's a lunatic and he's gay...”
      • For whatever reasons we have very many celebrities who are emotional, psychosocial and spiritual wrecks. They are constantly seeking a personality which will fit them the best and end up with various of what are something in between or a concoction of alter egos, MPD, DID and possession.
        There are three main methods of invoking any deity…The third method is the dramatic, perhaps the most attractive of all; certainly it is so to the artist temperament, for it appeals to his imagination through his aesthetic sense.
        —Aleister Crowley, The Equinox of the Gods
    • “Overpriced Restaurant with Multiple Personality Disorder”
    • I'm pretty perplexed as to why this place has such high ratings. I wouldn't have given it a second thought if the meal I got there wasn't so delusionally priced. I had a chicken dish that was probably worth about $15, but I paid closer to $20, and my husband had a steak and shrimp dish, probably worth about $22 that we paid $35 for. The food wasn't bad, but it certainly wasn't anything special: just not worth what we paid for it.
      • The restaurant's theme is confusing. The name is Spanish. The awning above the patio is covered in German beer names. The interior decor was a Mardi Gras theme.
      • The service was adequate, but again, nothing special. Our server took our order, brought it out, and mostly left us alone except for a couple of refills on our water (which was served in plastic cups). She never came back to take the check at the end, so we headed for the front to find someone to pay. She saw us and apologized for not returning explaining that she was very busy and it had slipped her mind, though there was only one other couple in the restaurant.
        • I walked by the restaurant several times during our stay in Avalon. It was often busy, and I was always surprised to see how many people were there. It just wasn't worth returning to me. I realize that the price of just about everything on the island is higher than on the mainland, but at El Galleon it almost seemed like a joke. 
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    •     Does anyone know anything about or anyone with multiple personality disorder? A boy that I'm seeing has been really understanding about my bd because his mom has mpd and I want to be able to understand it other than what I've seen in books and tv shows. Just curious if anyone here had any insight to offer.
    • I'd like to try to help you but I'm ashamed to say I'm a total basket case. I've dated a woman with multiple personality disorder and I had a grant stolen from under my nose by another woman with multiple personality disorder. Both women tore my life apart in one way or another and to be honest if I encountered someone else with that particular disorder I would get away as quickly as possible. Just like people should do with me...
      • It is no longer called mpd, but instead is DID for dissociative identity disorder. That might help get you started. Colin Ross is an expert in the area.
      • Hi AmandaBart. I(we) have multiple personality disorder. You can read more about me/us here at http://annsmultipleworldofpers... or perhaps more importantly, you can read more about multiplicity both pro- and con- at my second website http://newsdidmpd.blogspot.com.
      • I have just started the work of combining through annotated quotes from people who are multiples writing in blogs and from people who discuss multiplicity like you are doing here. On the left sidebar on the news blog, you can scroll down and read the blogs of about 150 people who are multiples.
      • I'm really sorry Ardentone that you had a bad experience with a couple of multiples. I don't think they were "bad" because they were multiple, but probably because they were lacking some kind of skill or asset that was important to you. Castillo you are correct that MPD is called DID according to the DSM-IV (psychiatric diagnosis manual). Most people are still using both terms as if it really never sunk in that things were to have changed.
      • There is controversy as to whether Colin Ross is an expert or whether or not he malpracticed. He was part of the bedrock of present day multiplicity was built, but there are those who hold him as disrespectful in the field. This is a VERY long scenario where a group of guys lay out the "truth" negatively about Ross http://www.process.org/discept...
      • I do not substantiate either for or against Ross, just know he cast a big shadow on multiplicity. I (being a we) of course do very much believe in multiplicity. Please contact us or someone else on the News Blog if you would actually like to read much more :)
    • Aspartame is like the savvy criminal who develops multiple aliases to keep law enforcement officials in the dark, or a person with multiple personality disorder who seemingly changes faces with the snap of a finger. aspartame goes by the brand names NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonful and many more. But what is it exactly? It sounds like some French dessert I can’t afford — something you would pair with a glass of vintage Dom Pérignon. 
    • Aspartame is the most common artificial sweetener used in the world today. Many foods, diet sodas and zero calorie waters all use this “wonder substance” as a tasty, low calorie alternative to sugar. Aspartame is proven to be more than two hundred times as sweet as natural sugar, making it easy to achieve equal taste with less substance. 
      • Even with its widespread use, aspartame is considered by some to be harmful, and, alarmingly, poisonous. A Google search of “aspartame” provides thousands of testimonials from doctors, scientists and patients claiming negative side effects. And yet, it is the most extensively studied additive in history and has been approved and re-approved by the Food and Drug Administration multiple times.  
      • So who is right? Who is wrong? Regrettably, I cannot provide a definitive answer. The question is multi-layered and complex, and I’m still debating on the “rabbit ears” or the “loop-swoop-and-pull” methods when tying my shoes.
    • In Broken you are Jim, a man suffering from dissociative identity disorder, more commonly known as multiple personality disorder. Your goal is simple: Cure yourself and merge your minds into a singular whole. To do this you’ll need help from your pet rabbit, Harold. Harold’s death several years ago was the catalyst that split your mind apart. Now, you chase after the ghostly visage of the bunny in hopes that catching him will merge your mind and mend what’s broken.
    • The next step was providing context to these mechanics. After a great amount of thought, Seth came up with the idea of having each of the characters actually be a personality of a single main character who suffered from Dissociative Identity Disorder. The new idea required a new title and a new art style. For the title we went with Broken, symbolizing not only the broken mind of our lead character, Jim, but also the collapsing mental asylum that would be the game's setting.
      • The next breakthrough came several months later when Seth realized that there needed to be something special to symbolize the exit on each level. The result was Harold, the iconic bunny who would come to dominate the story of Broken. The team turned to artist Amanda Humfleet to provide art for Harold's various forms. Each personality saw Harold in a different way and while each personality was wildly different, they were all connected by a shared love of Harold.
      • So we've uploaded our demo to Kongregate for you to play. We hope that after you play the demo you'll want to help us see the game through to completion.
    • i'm tired of her always getting to have the names and getting to make all the passwords and stuff. how can i change my name so it's not them but it me? sometimes i wanna be the one doing stuff. i wish i got to cook more often. i'm better at it than anyone else.
    • Before you do anything, do you know if she'll be upset if you change her name? You do have a right to your own name, but it wouldn't be nice to upset her by changing it without her permission.
      • I'm sorry you feel this way! :( I think that you should let everyone else in the system know that you're not happy with things and try to come to a compromise?
      • This situation sort of reminds me of one of my boyfriend's alters made an account on a site, my boyfriend found out and decided to mess with them by changing the password... Months later, the alter tried to get on the site, but didn't have the right password so he couldn't get in. I thought it was kinda funny, but also a little mean.Just talk to the system and see if you guys can change a name where everybdoy would be happy with. Or if not, see if the admins will make an acceptation and let you make your own account.
    • The Tampa Bay Buccaneers seem to be troubled by split-personality disorder. Experts in the field call it dissociative identity disorder, when a person has two distinct identities or personality traits.
    • Fans of the Buccaneers know it as not knowing which team will show up on Sunday. Will the high-powered offense be present, or will it be the shut-em-down defense? Whichever one arrives, the other is nowhere to be found.
      • Take Week 2 in New York as an example.
    • Okay, so I have this friend, M. He’s quite intelligent, hard-working, dedicated. He’s a good friend and I enjoy having him around. He can, however, have a very fatalistic view of things and life in general. So today, when I accused his writing of verging on sociopathic, as it focuses on the suffering of others with little conpassion and no remorse, he responded by saying that when people write, it brings out another persona. He told me that when people write, they’re speaking like a different person would on paper.
    • I wanted to know if he was saying all writers have multiple personalities, and then jokingly called him delusional, because face it, M has always been pretty strange. But once I thought our conversation over, I realized that he had a point. Maybe not the one he wanted to make, but a point nonetheless. Because I’ve created characters in my head and I know their opinions on many things, and know how they’d react in many situations, enough so that it feels as if I’m getting input all the time, does that mean that I’ve adopted another voice? Or am I just that creative? I think that’s the question I’ll pose to him tomorrow, when I have to read what feels like his version of 1984.
    • What is happening to me?
    • But I have a bag of raw broccoli and a container of almonds on my desk. I’ve been working out. So much so that if I want to cross my legs at my desk I have to use my hands to lift my leg across the other. Squats and lunges and the inhumanity.
      The scariest part? It’s OK.
      • I feel like I have some sort of multiple personality disorder going on.
      • Then I have a panic attack because this is just insane.
    • I don't know if I could consider myself as having DID.  I have multiple personalities, but I share the memories, oddly enough I remember but not as if it were me who lived them.  I don't have emotions unless a personality is out...I call this phase "default", like right now or when I am alone.
    • For now I identified 8 personalities but I don't know their names.   They don't usually speak in my head, only if I think of ABSOLUTELYnothing will thy speak... But only a single sentence... Last one I heard was "empty the board" and i have no idea what it means...
      • I: Default II: glee III: denial IV: sadness V: fury VI: Childish VII: Seducive VIII: Defensive IX: Madness
      • I would need to know if I am considered having DID.
    • I told my therapist about me and and my alters and she's willing to help me but she hasn't deal't with DID in five year but shes willing to give it another try with me shes also going to set a time where her and i and tell my mom :)
    • that's great a move in the right direction.
      • Wonderful! = )
    • Crazy.
    • This colloquial word is sometimes used like an arrow to exact painful shame on a person whose behavior is deemed irrational. Most times it’s in the middle of a heated argument but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have us question if we’re normal. We have good reason to wonder.
      • More serious issues include the spectrum of schizophrenia and dissociative identity disorder formerly known as multiple personality.
      • Fakiel emphasizes, “Individuals seek care because they’re aware. Psychotics or those with no self-awareness or even sense of reality, never ask that question.”
      • I share this story because there is no shame in seeking care for a persistent problem that affects your quality of life and that of others around you. That’s like criticizing someone who has diabetes and needs insulin. We are all afflicted with something if only the hubris of our vitality and our lack of understanding and empathy for folks like me, and possibly, folks like you.
    • Lately, I have been receiving a bunch inquiries about the post, Is Multiple Personality Disorder Real? So, I decided to revisit it and see if I still agree with what I wrote back in April 2011. It turns out I do.
    • While my patients typically have delusions of grandeur (e.g. Marilyn Monroe), they very well could have delusions that they are just different, relatively unimportant, people. I'd say this would be particularly likely if these banal characters could be all part of the very interesting Multiple Personality Disorder.
      • A person with some awareness of their shifts and knowledge of multiple personality disorder, may insist they have this disorder as part of a sort-of meta delusion. In other words, DID may be a delusion about a delusion.
      • Because people with the type of schizophrenia I see on the inpatient unit are so compromised though, I'm not sure they'd be able to keep up the DID delusions enough to convince a staff person of DID. On the other hand, the case I saw in Harvard Square was actually of a woman originally diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. She had an extremely difficult time regulating her emotions at first, but she was certainly not psychotic. We do know though, however, that when her types of symptoms worsen, psychosis can start to come out. In her case, I think psychosis manifested as DID. I'd bet a patient in her position is exactly the type of patient that may be the prime candidate for diagnosis of "DID" - compromised enough to start having delusions, but with enough mental faculties to sustain a cohesive meta-delusion.
    • The transformation has been driven by Thrive, a charity that helps people with disabilities and mental illness through gardening. Each year, the group’s Battersea project offers horticultural therapy to around 300 people in the belief that it will improve their lives. For those involved, the garden has become a classroom and refuge.
    • Mary (not her real name), who regularly tends the garden, has multiple personality disorder and swings between having the identity of a highly articulate woman and various young girls. In her backpack she carries a teddy bear, and a book by Stephen Fry. On the day of my visit she is taken up with studying weeds such as rosebay willowherb.
      • “I don’t need a hospital but I am not ready for the real world. This is a good balance and when people ask about my life I can say that I am a gardener,” says Mary, who also cares for a private garden in west London. “Gardening is grounding and you quickly feel like you’re accomplishing something.”
      • In 2007 Christopher Lowry of Bristol University also discovered that mycobacterium vaccae, a harmless bacterium in soil, may trigger the release of serotonin in the brain. And at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, researchers observed 46 people with clinical depression and found that participants on average had significantly reduced anxiety levels after 12 weeks of gardening.
      • Gardens also have a sensory power that is less quantifiable: it exists in colours, sounds and fragrances. For some the real pleasure may be in working the soil, while for others it may have more to do with the idea of creating living beauty.
      • According to Caroline Roemmele, a psychotherapist, people communicate better after a short time working in the garden. “It puts them in a better state of mind to process their trauma,” she says. “When clients are calm and in a safe space they can begin to think about their experiences and slowly they can become integrated into their memory.”
    • During one particular session Leigh had an aggressive tantrum, where she threw a vase at the therapist and ran out of the room.  When she came back, quiet and shy, she asked the therapist what happened to her arm and could not remember what had just transpired. 
    • After a few months of therapy, the clinician discovered that Leigh had resumed contact with her biological mother, who had abandoned her at the age of two, and whenever she went to visit her biological mother’s home, her step-father’s nine years old son secretly sexually abused her.  Soon, Leigh was diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder.
      • effrey Haugaard, a professor of human development at Cornell University outlines some symptoms in children with DID.  Common signs are frequent trance-like states (“spacing out” or daydreaming), as well as the child reporting that people often become angry or upset with them for unknown reasons.  Or, the child shows dramatic changes in preferences, such as food, games, or clothes, as well as changes in language, accent, or even voice or handwriting style.  The child may experience recurrent periods of amnesia or missing blocks of time, such as having no memory of the previous day, which may include denying behaviours that others have personally witnessed the child do.  These could be negative behaviors, but may also include behaviours that the child would appear to have little motivation to deny.  Additional common signs in children with DID are having an imaginary friend well into school-age, as well as unprovoked rages and violent behaviour that may seem to come out of nowhere.
      • Children with DID are much more likely to develop imaginary friends at a younger age (two or three years old), and often have more of them.  These friends seem very real to the child with a great deal of reality confusion and persistent impersonation.  The imaginary friend does not always “act” in the best interest of the child.  And, the child may be truly unable to remember misbehaviours, blaming it on the imaginary friend.
    • It  is about a girl who seemingly does dark things with the help of her  imaginary friend Charlie…Hide and Seek is a 2005 American thriller film  starring Robert De Niro, Famke Janssen and Dakota Fanning. 
    • It  is not made clear till the end of the movie however, that David  Callaway (Robert De Niro) is Charlie, a man suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder (and not Emily whose mother had just died was a far more likely candidate  to develop a Mental Disorder of this type). David Callaway developed this disorder when suffered a trauma: Callawat caught his wife betraying him and as a result he killed her.
      • David Callaway is a deeply disturbed type of person whose fear of involvement with others is so extreme that he withdraws into himself and attempts to do without human relationships as far as possible. These are the people we call schizoid. Schizoid people come to the attention of psychotherapist in a variety of ways.
      • They are often pressed into seeking help by those who are near enough to them to realise that there is something wrong, because they have little faith in the ability of others to understand or help them. If self referred, the client will complain of not being able to make relationships, especially with the opposite sex; or of being quite unable to concentrate on work or complete work; or of what he is likely to call depression. 
    • I have known my husband for over 10 years. In this time there have been many problems with our relationship, and he has a history of drug and alcohol abuse. Although he has stopped taking drugs now and modified his alcohol intake considerably, problems have continued.
    • One of the issues as I see it involves his extreme personality characteristics – extreme in that he always seems to operate at ’11′ – his personality is almost always seems to exhibit extreme opinions and behaviour and I find this very controlling and difficult to live with. Over the years of knowing him, I have also noticed that he puts on at least 3 different personas, that I refer to as: (i) the ‘posh snob’, (ii) the ‘comedian’, and (iii) the ‘dictator’. I have read about bi-polar, schizophrenia and multiple personality disorders, but I suspect that he doesn’t fit into these neatly.
      • I am wondering if his extreme behaviour and personas are a result of past traumatic experiences as I really don’t think it’s ‘normal’.
        My husband is 61, his mother died when he was in his teens, he was a famous musician and he has lived through 2 traumatic divorces before. He refuses to believe there is anything wrong with him, and therefore will not seek treatment. A few months ago there was an incident where I feared for my safety and left the house – and have not returned even though he wants to fix the relationship.
    • Hi am new here, didn't know where else to go. My wife has DID. I have been with my wife for 10 years we have a 4 year old together. We both have been through childhood trauma. My wife is a educated and successful women, but when she comes home she is total different person.
    • She has been in therapy for years and things have gotton a better. The beginning i was up every night with here helping throught all the nightmares, triggers, it was a roller coaster.
      • Then things slowly got bad right before our child and am at the point were am not sure what to do anymore. She constanltly gives me mixed messages, blames me for everything wrong in our relationship, blames me for decisions she has made for herself that didn't end up the way she wanted. I went from being the girl that loved her to being the girl that ruined her life, but all am tring to to do is whatever will help make her happy.. I don't want my daughter to grow up in a broken home. Can anyone relate or help.
      • I can. My wife and I have been married for almost 7 years. We too have a 4 yr old. Things over the past two years have been declining into a state of chaos. "all am trying to do is whatever will help make her happy" - I say this alot when talking about my wife, but no matter what I do part of her is not just angry, but furious about it, me, things she does, even things she succeeds in. She switches constantly and some alters are afraid to come out. I am at my wits end....we just started family counseling, but I know that she and probably I need to be in 1on1 ASAP. I am becoming resentful and am feeling a lot like a martyr.
      • I grew up with rage addiction and it is common in my family. I know that there are web sites w info about it and it might seem strange but thereis a 12 step for it. I worked hard every day to change it and if you can get the alter on board to feel safe to try to understand the addiction part of the anger maybe they can work w the steps along w helping you not to feel resentful because really its just about feeling out of control.....just an idea. I wish the best for both of you errational anger is so hard on both sides
    • How many personalities/roles does this chick have? Seems to me she is a different person with everyone and is constantly saying one thing and doing another.
    • Wow! So, Hope fans...let's determine just exactly how man personalities she has  'NO HOPE BASHING PLEASE AND THANK YOU..'
      • She has 1 personality: Fake
      • Hahahahaha....seriously! Don't forget master manipulator
      • The writers have changed her personality almost as many times as they've changed her "look" on the show.
    • I’ll style my hair, and I’ll conform to what is considered socially acceptable. This prim facade is purely one single aspect of my personality though, or rather, one of many personalities...
    • Another personality that I enjoy exploiting and that comes as naturally as my lipstick wearing, tea drinking personality is quite the opposite. Often, I am a dead set bogan. Barefoot in my leggings and over sized singlet, the only thing missing is a cigarette hanging out of the corner of my mouth as I yell at my children to bring me a beer.
      • This bogan has been a part of me for as long as I can remember, coming out whenever I let my guard down. I remember many years ago, Big Bro and I shared a circle of friends. We were hanging out with these friends when I accidentally let out a rather loud belch, mid sentence. Everyone burst out laughing and Big Bro exclaimed,
         “FINALLY! Now you’ve all seen what she’s REALLY like!”
         Sshhhh Big Bro... don't give away my secret.
      • But I embrace all of my personalities, there’s no point wasting my life trying to suppress any one of them. They are the many versions of myself that make up who I am. I like being a multidimensional mother fucker. It’s so darn entertaining. 
    • Sources close to Amanda Bynes have spoken to SunOfHollywood.com and revealed that Amanda Bynes may in fact be suffering from very serious Mental Issues, and that her problem is more than just a drug related scenario.
      People living in Amanda’s building have revealed that the entire housing complex and management are fully aware of Amanda’s strange and erratic behavior, and has reportedly had conversations with herself and inanimate objects
    • It is revealed that it is also quite possible that Amanda may in fact be suffering from Schizophrenia or Multiple Personality Disorder.
      TMZ also reported that people have witnessed the same strange behavior from Amanda during workouts at the gym.
      • One person said “I don’t want people to think she’s just your typical Hollywood Trainwreck with a Blatant disregard for others and their safety… but that there is a person who is actually very Mentally Ill and has lost touch with reality”
        Our prayers go out to Amanda, and we hope that her situation can turn around soon, and hopefully before anyone is hurt.
    • Hi! I'm helping a girl in our system say hi to all of you guys. She doesn't know how to write on this computer thing but I'm helping her (while Lin is helping me write :lol: ). Well.. I'll let her have her own colour now :D
    • Hi there :oops: I'm a couple of months older than Anastasia but she's 5 and I'm 6 so that's kinda neat. I went to school a lot in the 1st and 2nd grade. I don't talk. I'm 6 as I said :oops: Umm.. I like pj's a lot :oops: and I love the llama movie [the emperor's new groove] and I've seen it lots of times and I like to draw :mrgreen: . Today I drew a picture for the person who watched the movie with me today [Nin's SO] and I drew a picture for the man that was nice [a worker at the hospital we used to frequent] and a picture for the psychologist, even though I haven't really met her :oops: :D I hope they'll like it. I also got to eat lunch :D Everyone says people are nice here so they thought I should say hi too :oops: :) So hi and bye!
      • Hi Baby :) I've not had friends before outside the system. I don't know what a friend is on the outside really :oops: But you seem really nice too :D I've never met someone who's multiple before :) I don't wanna say my name yet. But I'm 6 :D Are you a dog? We have a feline in the system. I know him/her and (s)he's really nice! I think I draw well and Nin's SO said I draw well too so maybe. I like to draw. Thank you :oops: :mrgreen: I like to eat too. We're having chocolate waffles for desert today :oops: :D I think it's super funny. Maybe if it doesn't scare any of you you could see it. I know different things scare different people. But it didn't scare me anyway :) Hi and bye Baby! :D
      • hi!! :mrgreen: my name's cassie! i'm 8! and i'ma gonna call you violet for now! it's a nickname! oh yeah...hope that's ok... :oops: :mrgreen: :oops: it's cuz you're typing in purple and violet's a color of purple and it makes a pretty name. and it's a pretty flower! :mrgreen:
    • The candidate and party that made "You Built It!" a rallying cry to counter Obama and the Democrats' contention that government helps businesses to create jobs is at odds with itself..
    • Government Does Not Create Wealth  --Pat Buchanan
      • "Government does not create wealth. The major role for the government is to create an environment where people take risks to expand the job rate in the United States."  --George W. Bush
      • "With all the government spending these days it’s easy to forget that the government does not create wealth; whatever the government gives to some it takes from others."   --Vincent Gioia, Family Security Matters
      • The right course for America is to create growth, create wealth, not to redistribute wealth."  --Mitt Romney
    • Does playing different roles on the web contribute to mental sickness?  Say, multiple personality disorder?
    • Countless social media users have more than one account to tinker with nowadays and they usually act very differently on each account. Isn't this what we call one of the most common symptoms of multiple personality disorder? Or is it simply a way to display ourselves in public?
      • Absolutely not.  Exploring different roles -  for well adjusted people at least -  is a form of creativity and a safe way to try out new things.
    • You would think based on my reading choices that I might have a multiple personality disorder; I rarely stick to one particular genre for a sustained period of time.  For this reason you may find my most recent reads to be all over the place genre-cally. 
    • While I enjoyed the novel, I was disappointed in Wharton.  While I understand this is a fictionalized account, the author used excerpts of Wharton's letters to Morton Fullerton. 
    • Watkins, John G.m Watkins, Helen, Dissociation : Vol. 1, No. 1, p. 067-072
    • “Malevolent” personalities create tremendous problems to both the patient and the therapist. The dangers of possible suicide, homocide and other acting-out by such angry states multiply the difficulties in achieving personality integration. Such entities originally developed to protect the individual. They represent a defense for the abused child who was confronted with a situation with which he could not cope.
      • Suggestions by the therapist that the treatment goal is “fusion” constitute a threat to the existence of alter personalities, and mobilize their resistance. Ego-state theory holds that “dividing” lies on a continuum, ranging from normal, adaptive differentiation (as represented by different moods) to pathological dissociation (as represented by true multiple personality disorder).
      • Between lie covert “ego-states” which are organizations of behavior and experience separated by semi-permeable boundaries. In this theory, treatment of Multiple Personality Disorder involves reducing the rigidity of the boundaries and moving them down the continuum until they become ego-states-such as are found in normal subjects under hypnosis.
      • From this point of view malevolent alters need not be threatened with non-existence, but are promised continued selfness and identity within a larger organizational framework. Such an approach lowers their resistance to treatment, and “integration” (which is not the same as “fusion”) is more easily attained. The therapist becomes their “friend” rather than their “enemy.”
    • Unless Ms I-Fail suffered from multiple personality disorder, this resume had nothing to do with the person I got to know over three months in class. She produced no work. She had barely spoken in the workshop portion of our weekly class, where each person shares their assignment and gets feedback from class members. I never knew when she was not coming or when she was leaving early. She even moved slowly and sat all bundled up in a chair by the door, in summer.
    • So you can imagine my shock – when I read the first paragraph of her resume.
      High energy marketing professional. Dependable, detail-oriented, well-organized, genuine team player with great problem solving, communication, writing and researching skills.
      Not a single attribute that her resume touted, had she demonstrated.
      • This is why it scares every recruiter when it’s time to dig through the email– or the online job applications, when a job is posted.
        People are sending virtual garbage that heaps up and soils every legitimate inquiry.
    • i thought i’d share this today as a reminder to VOTE for Jill in the Martha Stewart American Made Awards. it would mean so much to her fledgling business to win this. she is working hard to shorten the chain between farmers and their sheep to knitters and the dreamiest, most colorful yarn you’ve ever seen. Jill has consistently been in the top 5 since the beginning of the contest, but there are a few competitors who are really gaining in votes. she needs YOU to help put her in the lead!!!
    • I read the fine print carefully and it’s totally legit for me to vote with my personal email address and then later in the day, my blog can vote for Jill with its email address and then a bit later, my work persona (such as she is) can vote for Jill with her work email address and then a bit later still, my volunteer persona can vote for Jill with her volunteer email address.
      • You see? I don’t have a DSM diagnosis of multiple personality disorder as such, but I do have many facets to my existence, each with their own email address and each is allowed to vote daily for Jill.
    • Today i feel like crap. I am tired of being nice when all i see is mean people around me. Adults who act like children in the sense of catty and gossipy. Im tired of seeing people who are mean seem to get by so easily while i keep my mouth shut out of trying to be mature. Im tired of people judging me without knkwing me. Im tired of being strong and being kind. But i dont have the heart to be mean. Mean is not me. When will i see justice for the wrongs in my life? When will the @sshole suffer for what he did to me? Most days im well but today i feel like crap. I feel like a used piece of garbage for everyone to stomp on then laugh as they watch my confidence deflate into thin air. Im tired of watching others seem to have it so easy. Im tired of not feeling as though i will ever be loved. I try to be positive. I try to work hard. I try to do thinhs that are healthy for me. Im just tired. Tired of injustice. . . . Tired of feeling misunderstood by people. . .
    • Then another part of me says. . . Its ok. Keep movin. Keep doing what your doing. Your strong. We can climb this mountain. Who cares what others think.
      • Another part of me hates people. Hates people looking at me it makes me feel like im being judged. This part of me hates people for being so selfish and inconsiderate. This part of me is angry at the world.
      • nother part of me enjoys people. Wants so badly to be loved. Wants to be successful but feels trapped. This part of me is eager to experience life. To experience love.
    • sometimes, on nights like this, it really becomes so clear to me the extent of me how much i've really lost and what it is that i've let slip through my fingers...everything i ever wanted.   now...what? freedom? no. i don't have that. i'm mired in poverty without any real prospects of changing that in any foreseeable future. being true to myself? really? i'm not. i still compromise myself in so many ways that it's laughable, now i even compromise my heart as well.   alone, at last, with the glass of bitter tears which are mine to drink. sparklingly bright and ever-filling would that i could find a proverbial Dutch Boy to plug the fount from which the sorrow of my entire existence pours it's contents.  ...and only, at this moment, do i realize that is precisely what i've lost.
    • Hi my name is Barry :oops: :oops: I am but a protecter alter just wondering if anyone elses Alters and Host n what not have varying religions???? :?: :?::?: I myself am a SatanistMy Admin a Pagan Buddist an alter is Athiest and another Wiccan
    • we don't really have different religions but we got different beliefs! i'm Christian! baptized and everything! :mrgreen: cassandra believes in the Christian God but she sumetimes just believes in A God and sumtimes questions stuff like stuff in the bible. kat's a athiest. rain's more like a buddhist. l.c. and luna believe in what they call "the egg" thery. they think that everyone is reincarnated and lives as everyone else until they've lived as everyone. then they reach "inlightenment" like the buddha i gess. and then they will be ready to "hatch" from this world and meet God. so they believe that God created us and that the world is like our egg, helping us grow and stuff and be ready to be "born" and rejoin with God. i hope that makes sense... :? i'm not a good explainer. anyway i just wanted to let you know you're not the only ones with different beliefs and stuff. :mrgreen:
      • **trigger warning for religion**We sure do. We have 3 or 4 different religions in the system I think. Leo has one. Anastasia, Nin and Lin share one. No name has one. I have my set of beliefs/morals. I've heard this is kinda "normal" in DIDers really. Makes sense, so I wouldn't worry much about it.
      • Hi, we also have different religions for example; Jen, Alexia, and Dominic are all wiccan. where as I (Areail) am a pagan. Kat is a non be-leaver. and all the rest are roman Catholic. for the most part all the base stuff is the same and its only the holidays that are different so what we have done is to say we celerbrate all of them. this is kinda confusing on our wee lad and lass but they understand that there are many cultures in the world so there can be many holidays too.
    • http://www.flickr.com/photos/alexpipesh/7945711936/sizes/c/in/photostream/ I painted it the way I thought a person suffering from multiple personality disorder would've done self-portrait
    • On reflection, I feel that your piece more neatly address a personal dilemma or stress rather than the concept of multiple personalities. You don't actually seem to artistically account for differing states or even contrast - more a contrived struggle within one theme; to me, this piece's overall unity leans more towards an indication of a struggle despite unity. Nice work regardless, please don't take my interpretation as negative or positive construction!
      • This was also more loosely based on the ego, superego, and id. That was actually the original basis but I felt it didn't fit well enough
    • Below are sites and posts written by people who support and/or believe in the existence of multiple personalities & dissociative identity disorder and issues that relate to it like repressed memories, internal family systems, parts therapy, false memory and others
    • There is no disrespect meant to the people who own these blogs and websites, this list is merely here to facilitate readers finding other opinions on issues and conversations presented on this blog.
      • Learn first-hand about the lifestyle related to multiple personalities and dissociative identity, the opinions & questions that the public has, and the many beliefs that individuals hold.
      • I do not endorse or support any site listed below, nor do I condemn anyone for holding whatever belief system they choose.
      • An elementary Internet search using Google groupsYahoo groups, bing or other search engines will offer you the same information listed below:
    • NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) _ A Connecticut woman is facing sentencing for tax evasion related to embezzling more than $200,000 from her employer in what her attorney says was part of a string of thefts from employers.
    • A psychiatric evaluation found Deborah Wilmot of Bridgewater suffers from several personality disorders, her attorney, Kurt F. Zimmermann, said. He said she stole the money to provide luxuries to her children.
      • The psychiatric evaluation found that Wilmot knows that the adverse consequences to her and her family are the result of her willful criminal conduct, her attorney said.
      • “This apparent contradiction in thinking is, according to the evaluation, symptomatic of the personality disorders from which the defendant suffers _ she apparently does not make any connection between the wrongfulness of her crimes and the drive to fulfill what she perceives as her obligation as a mother to her children. She utilizes the defenses of compartmentalization, delusion and an inability to form a coherent view of herself in the world in which she lives.”
    • I remember now. I remember what happened to us during the years of 15-24. To this very day. The abuse didn't stop at the age of 14 - it continued. The last time I WAS RAPED by our a-dad, WAS LAST YEAR WHEN WERE 23. The last rape happened only some months ago.
    • After the age of 14, starting from 15...the abusers started to systematically turn the truth into lies. They said after each rape that: "it never happened - you're just crazy and imagined it all. Go back to sleep and dream nice dreams. It never happened. We are not the monsters. You are just mentally incapable of realizing what is the truth."
      • The truth!!!??? I WAS RAPED UNTIL THE AGE OF 23!!!!!!! Only after I have cut all the contacts to our a-parents, did the RAPES STOP!!!!!!!!
      • What do I do!!!!????? What can I do now!!!!???? I can't believe this...we were raped just few months ago... What the hell is wrong with me...!!!!???? I need to call the cops!!!!!!! I WANT THOSE MONSTERS BEHIND THE ######6 BARS!!!!!!!!!!
      • I just feel like a damaged goods now... :cry: I had to turn my friend's photo away from me because I thought that I don't deserve to have friends... After been hurt in so many ways I STILL carry the blame and shame. :| It doesn't f*king make sense...why am I to blame? The r*pists are the ones who are DAMAGED GOODS!!!!! :evil: I get it... But the fact that we haven't TOLD ANYONE!!!!!!! I feel so miserable that we couldn't tell about it...that we just chose to be silent...we were badly manipulated to stay silent and that "it never happened" but IT DID HAPPEN!!!!!!!
      • I'm SO STUPID!!!!! All this wouldn't have happened if I'D PAY MORE ATTENTION TO MY PARTS!!!!!!! And stop neglecting and refusing to listen to them... Some parts are masters at that...pushing other parts away until they explode from anger and start acting badly... And as you can see (talking to my parts here!), DID IT HELP!!!!??? DID IT HELP ANYONE TO NOT LISTEN TO OUR IMPORTANT AND DEAR PARTS!!!!!!!???? DID IT!!!!!?????
    • For the past 7 hours I have been reviewing video-taped sessions & discovered that my T will talk every now & again to me as though I am not myself but different alters who are not yet named. I feel like me during these times, I look like me during these times & nothing seems amiss, at least to me & I think also to the person I am viewing on the video. The thing is, I honest to Pete do not know/feel/experience myself (who is typing this) to be different or even the same as the person who is on the video. We never seem to know one way or the other & can never seem to answer ANY of our T's questions no matter who is out. It's like nobody knows anything....ever. I know we're not lying. Seriously, nobody knows anything. He seems to know stuff though, so, I challenge him with, "OK then who am I?" but we never seem to get anywhere.
    • I want to get somewhere. I am so tired of this therapy ruled life. Can't seem to function safely for very long without it so I keep going, at least most of the time. No matter what, I always feel like me yet I don't know who I am. Also true is this statement: When I'm on the couch, I always feel like me but when I get home & watch the video, I never know that girl. Does this sound familiar to anyone? And, does anyone else video tape or audio tape their sessions? If so, how do you respond when you see the undeniable truth? So confused, anything will be helpful & appreciated...Sotrsab
      • It sounds like you are experiencing severe depersonalization, possibly with some identity alteration.
      • He is definitely in tune to every facial twitch, every eyebrow raised & every body movement & he knows when a switch takes place. I am beginning to believe & to accept that he knows so way more about me than I think---like I gave info to him unknowingly. I HATE THIS ABOUT ME!!! I just learned re-watching the last 8 vids in a row, as myself, that I had to have deleated at least one very descriptive vid bc we talked about the prior session but the prior session contained no such information. I keep (seemingly) sabotaging the system & I do not know how to make it stop.
      • My system was designed to hide, like a lot of systems were. Mine could not afford to call any attention to itself, and that included switching. So, to not have me freaking out about black-outs and to not have an obvious switch in front of anyone (like my family), what my alters did when a switch happened was simply put me in the "passenger seat". (I often think of my body like a car). The alter who was "out" would "drive" the body while I'd sit in the background, still being able to see, hear, and know everything that was going on, but I wasn't in control. I also didn't know who I was, either.
    • Australia: Living In Shadows, Healing In The Law - An Aboriginal Experience Of Recovery Using Psychotherapy And Aboriginal Spiritual Practice
    • This paper presents an Aboriginal experience of recovery from the effects of the violence of sexual, emotional, cultural and spiritual abuse which caused the author to develop dissociative identity disorder and complex post-traumatic stress disorder, from which she recovered utilizing psychotherapy combined with Ngungkari medicine from traditional Aboriginal healers. The paper discusses aspects of these different traditions and the clinical, social and political necessity of understanding and accepting the use of traditional medicine in the process of recovery.
    • Producers love their aliases. Madlib has about 32, and countless young in the game beat makers want to emulate, and get their Clark Kent with dissociative identity disorder on. Now, we have no concrete reason to believe that Sacramento producer Whoarei should be included in this discussion, but using photos of DOOM, who has a habit of deceiving, is interesting. Regardless, here’s what we do know: Thoughts Blunted is at times funky, at times soulful, and doesn’t sound like the work of an amateur
    • Well yesterday I had to send my husband to the hospital for psychosis. He has DID. I was wondering if you guys have every experienced severehallucinations both visual and audio? Did you believe it was true at the time? Did you feel like you are not suppose to be you but someone else during these episodes? Did you feel that you had a purpose that is coming from inside you?
    • And here is an example of his switching during psychosis. He will be excited and happy and feel the need to be in the hospital, then he takes a shower and walks out angry that he's there and wants to come home. I was wondering if it is severe like that for you?
      • A diagnosis of psychosis is a judgment about the content of the mind, not the form in which the content occurs. There is a famous cautionary tale in the clinical psychology community, known as the Martha Mitchell effect (link below): a person's subjective experience may be highly anomalous and improbable, but not necessarily psychotic. Psychosis is simply loss of contact with reality; as long as the person's reality testing remains intact, they are not psychotic even if they are having such anomalous, unlikely experiences such as hearing voices, seeing things, etc. DID involves many unusual, anomalous experiences, but usually not psychosis.
      • I am not psychotic. I have DID and like most people who have DID I do see and hear things that are not perceptible to other people; that does not mean my perceptions are not real. Increasingly, my inexplicable perceptions are turning out to be true; I am perceiving what is not (yet) perceptible to others.
      • I am so sorry you and your husband are going through this, but I wanted to take a minute and say ow awesome are you?Far be it wise from judging someone's personality from a post on the Internet, but you seem to be such an understanding, kind, compassionate spouse. Many SO's get very scared and back away from all this, but not you.
      • DID is not a psychotic disorder.
    • Mumbai, Sept. 13 -- The Aamir Khan-starrer Talaash created a lot of buzz with its teaser promo.
    • To start with, conjecture is that Talaash could be a remake of the Tamil thriller Anniyan (2005). Similarities have also been drawn to two Hollywood films - the 2003 American horror-mystery film, Identity, and the Leonardo DiCaprio-starrer thriller, Shutter Island (2010). The latest rumour went as far as to suggest that Talaash's release was pushed because of plot similarities to Kahaani.
      • Anniyan (2005): An honest lawyer develops multiple personality disorder, punishing criminals as a vigilante.
    • Original Air Date: 05/10/12) Tracy is a married mother of four who says her life was forever changed the day she was diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder, more commonly known as multiple personality disorder. She says she has five personalities, or “alters”: Emily, a frightened 5-year-old child; Becky, who cuts, bruises, chokes and has threatened to kill Tracy; Susie, an innocent 10-year-old child; Samantha, “the CEO” and Miss Anne, “the caretaker.” (Original Air Date: 05/10/12) Tracy says that she’ll oftentimes black out when an alter takes over and that the transition back to Tracy can make her physically ill. Joined by her husband, Tyler, the couple says Tracy's alter egos and unpredictable moods are causing strain on their marriage, and they're struggling to explain her erratic behavior to their children. Is Tracy’s diagnosis real? Then, in a Dr. Phil first, Tracy transitions between her alters onstage. Speaking as Becky and Susie, can Dr. Phil gather insight into Tracy’s disorder? Tracy’s therapist, Dr. Peggy Avent, joins the show and explains her diagnosis. Could a secret from Tracy’s childhood hold the key to understanding her illness? Tracy’s mom, Sandy, weighs in and shares why she blames herself.
    • 588 Comments   (Last: Sep 6, 12, 11:17PM)
      • I'm from Australia and this show just aired here today. I have a few things to say. First O my goodness how it brought back the memories of my own experience with DID. I'm 42yrs now and my DID was out of control in my twenties. After about 10yrs of intensive treatment, I no longer experience having DID on the whole. I don't say I'm cured or intergrated, I think if I was under extreme stress it could surface again. For me one of the hugest triggers is being in a emotional or romantic relationship so I remain single and maintain a more peaceful and calm life. I've been reading the message board to and am disappointed with the huge amount of judgement that tracy is recieving especially from other sufferers of DID. The amount of people who think she is making the diagnosis up. Its to complicated a disorder to make up and no two cases are the same, each person is an individual and the variables of the disorder are different for each person. You cant make such strong judgements on a person on so short a time as less than an hour, takings out all the ads. I have a great degree of confidence in the Dr Phil research team, anyone can see how much research goes into each show to make sure that the guest problems are genuine. Plus no one goes to that extent of self harm just for attention.
      • I have DID. Only after years of therapy am I finally able to understand my situation, why I have what I do (and that is not the only diagnosis), and learning to finally have a bit of a voice, that I am finally able to start recognizing. It does not mean that I am there by any means, but learning that the "fly on the wall" viewpoint that I have had for so long is not isolated is becoming a source of enlightenment.
      • and you do not have to defend yourself or feel frustrated by ignorant people who do not understand the condition, they simply dont understand.  Dont take it personal they probably have not been exposed to it and obviously do not understand it or have enough information.  I know people who have stabilized from this condition and will pray you will get relief and the right help.  It's possible, be encouraged and dont give up
      • Here it goes. People I don't want to rank on you people who do not believe in this disorder, but then again, who would want to? This is no picnic, and if you are not around someone who has this, you will NEVER EVER understand the wrath and devastation it does to the individual and the family that loves them! I believe my daughter has this diagnosis and no one will diagnose her. They sure love to medicate. Keep an open mind on this and don't be blind. Again, it is easy to think it is fake and unreal, but it is not your reality, and I am sorry if your minds won't go there and be sympathetic to this illness. It is very scary and yes indeed, very REAL. And when I saw the show with Tracy, Becky and the others, I knew what she was talking about, because it was parralell to my daughters symptoms. Almost to a tee, and how can that be fake. One minute my daughter wants to kill me and the next she loves me. This goes on, way beyound sibling rivalry to with her siblings. It is very scary, and the list goes on. She also wants to cut and hurt herself, but she is not always like this, this is where I see two different people. So please be open and pray for these people and these families because it is truly devastating. At one point I said, " I wish my daughter had a disability that everyone could physically see, because it is very hard on me." I do what I do best and keep on loving her. (sometimes I don't think that is enough.)
          Replied By: swallac on Aug 22, 2012, 4:24PM
          Since this is a rerun, this isn't my first rodeo.  I would first like to thank Dr. Phil and all of his staff for their wonderful care.  Our only goal was to get help and we did.  I never imagined the judgement from people who don't know us or the full story.  But I've learned since the first airing in May, there are very few opinions in this world that mean anything to me.  I know my daughter.  I've shared her journey with her.  You can call it what you want but the bottom line is Dr. Phil and his staff did extensive research and chose her to be on the show and get her help.  My daughter is med free, dealing with her past and no longer self harms.  She is strong of body mind and spirit and that is all a mother wants for her children.  And yes she was approached by several people wanting to pursue the story and each were declined.  That was never her motive.  I wish peace and health for everyone that took the time to post.
    • Hi to all,

      My name is Chrissy I am 43 and im extremly distressed.  I have just came to the realisation that I lost 2 weeks or more of my life and I dont know where I went.  I was diagnosed with Borderline personality disorder and sort of wondered if maybe I actually had other personalities.  After the last few weeks I now know from the people around me my personalities were totally out there, Im so confused, I remember bits and pieces like I was a passenger watching and listening but not really aware of what was going on.  My worst moment was when one of them were planning committing suicide, I do remember 3 people arguing about it for hours but its all confusing, I dont know who these people are and now I dont have a clue who I am. 

      I dont know what to do.

    • Hi Chrissy it sounds like you are having a very troubling time and you really need to be seeking continued medical help. You mentioned that you were diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. I strongly suggest that you keep seeing the doctor who diagnosed you or another one.


      I would also advise that you give Lifeline a call on 13 11 14 as it sounds like you could really do with talking to someone one-on-one about the problems you are dealing with. 

      Best of luck, and do take care of yourself as you go through this tough time. 
      • Chrissy
        I agree with BennyW,
        seeking help fast would be the best course of action. gorups like Lifeline are good but I cannot stress enough that seeing a doctor asap would be a good course of action. if one is not on hand at the moment Emergency Room staff should be able to organise some form of crisis care for you.
        Keep battling and I hope the best for you!
    • FasterEFT is a methodology developed by Robert G. Smith after many years of studying and working with thousands of people. It is a collection of new cutting-edge techniques and processes that integrates the most effective elements of EFT, BSFF, NLP, spiritual understanding, science and the minds great ability to transform itself.  One of the greatest aspects in FasterEFT is that it is fast, direct and to the point. It has a healthy and logical belief system that easily accepted. With this great mix of understandings, FasterEFT can quickly transform how you represent your past, shift your emotional disruptions and restore your physical health.
    • FasterEFT is the New EFT (Emotionally Focused Transformations) on the fast track according to Robert G. Smith
      • FasterEFT addresses the entire mind/body system which includes what you think and how you process your thoughts, along with the body’s response.  It is a self-empowering system that gives you control over your past, present and your future.  It will show you how to design and transform your life right now. In Robert’s training material you will keep saying Yes, Yes and YES! to each of the concepts taught.  The insider secrets are invaluable.  You’ll discover it is 100% true and undisputed facts about life and how it works and now you can consciously change the unconscious mind, transform your body and improve your emotional health easily with FasterEFT.  It is a universal healing system that can address virtually anything including, but not limited to the
        Release of: Anxiety • Low Self-esteem • Fears • Phobias • Creative Blocks • Weight • Depression • Grief & Loss • Cravings • Headache • Relationship Problems • Insomnia • Bad Habits • Disease • Allergy • Pain • Fatigue • Trauma Addictions
        Improve: Weight Control • Energy • Performance • Sleep & Relaxation • Immune System
    • anyone have experience with multiple personalities and Faster EFT?
    • Hello Smile Yes.  Be completely present & gentle & expansive & non judgemental & giving with your whole being.
      • Keep 100% rapport by deleting all thought of dealing with Multiple Personality & staying with the person in their timing & dealing with only what is before you in that moment.  This is an area where you are wise to ask for assistance.  M.P.D. is now renamed D.I.D. Disasociative Identity Disorder.  A hint:  It is my humble sense, there is no "Disorder"; Individuals causing the event/s too extreme for humans to survive could be the 'disorder' not the people who have found a way to survive unfathomable situation/s. For further conversation feel welcome to email me at tap-in2eft@hotmail.com 
    • There are groups on here: "I have multiple personality disorder" and "I have multiple personalities." Just type it into the search box at the top of the site and it should take you to them.
    • I also suggest you look up MK Ultra/Monarch mind control programming. Many victims end up with multiple personality disorder. You may be a victim and not know it, or you may not but you can connect with others who have multiple personality disorder due to being victims of monarch mind control.
    • Like I said before, sometimes we make mistakes and can't think clearly when it comes to all this. Like with me and Jake. I even knew his name years and years ago, LOOOONG before we came on here (although I didn't know who/what he was, thought he was just my imagination), but even then, seeing that other people on here had similar names to him made me think I'd made it up. That's pretty silly, right? :) Fortunately he's a very patient guy! Anyway, I'm just trying to say that sometimes people don't think logically and say/do things that can hurt. Well done for not getting put off, and for keeping trying. And I'll bet the other Cassie will be delighted there's someone else with the same name as her, not upset at all :)
    • IT'S LIKE WE'RE TWINS!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: i know we're not but it's still cool like that! :mrgreen: hi cassie!! hehe that's kinda funny. :oops: :lol: i'm glad you shared your name with everyone! :mrgreen: and i'm glad you didn't give up! :mrgreen: i'm sorry we made nin not believe you thou... :( we believe you thou! and you're here with others who believe you! i know nin will believe you soon if not now! so it's all good! :mrgreen:
    • It's amazing how many different responses the body has with the different parts within us. I'm not sure yet if the nausea is just caused by a bunch of my littlies wanting to come out at the same time or if it also happens with all the parts. I am far too nauseus to even think straight - sucks though! So far when it starts to happen I try ask them not to come out so fast or not all at once because then we feel sick... when I do that the nausea doesn't last too long. But hey, will see how long that lasts lol - littlies forget quickly when they get excited about something.The odd thing I have noticed is that I can feel perfectly fine and as soon as I come onto psychforums I instantly feel lightheaded and zoned out.
    • Does anyone have a house in their system that looks somewhat like a rubix cube? I asked the 'others' to show me what the system looks like and so far I have seen a lot but not everything. There is a square white house in the system with 3 floors and rooms that go right around on all 4 sides. The top level is straight, the middle level is skew and the bottom level is straight. When I explained this to T, she said it sounds like a rubix cube. The only problem is that a rubix cube haves lots of colors on all sides and you can still move the color pieces around to match the right sides... but with the house in my system, all the sides are white. So you have absolutely no idea when something is shuffled around.
      • My top floor is also a maze and I'm not allowed - or no one is allowed - to go to the top floor, except those that live on the top floor. The alters on the top floor are like the 'untouchables' - the ones you can't talk to, but they can talk to you if they want... but they don't want to. My T thinks that the top floor alters carry the darkest secrets of what happened to me when I was small. T is very worried because she's already classifying me as a DID SRA.
    • Soulfullheart offers that each of us has parts inside of us, including a soul guardian part called a daemon, many personality type parts, and parts that have been previously suppressed. Through the SFH process, you get to know these parts and grow a centered, loving parent in you called your SFH self in response to them.
    • This blog offers writing from the SFH perspective about emotional and spiritual healing, current events, romance, and other illuminating writings to increase your emotional awareness about the reality of parts inside of you.
      • There are a lot of wounds that I still feel within my relationship to them that keep parts of me from wanting to reach out and offer this new way of being together and getting to know each other all over again on a much deeper level. A part of me feels that she does want me to waste any energy on them, for they wouldn’t try to do the same for me. There is a lot of assumption that they won’t “get it” and unfortunately I do feel that she is right…at least for now.
      • If only I had been doing this “parts” work by then, I would have taken the time to mourn with each of my realized parts and helped them through it while no one else in my family could. Perhaps I still need to do that. In fact, I feel I should. There are many unresolved and unhealed aspects of my relationship with my father and they all shake and quiver in response to that in their own way.
      • Positivity will come and depression will be relieved with love, care and empathy. Unfortunately it seems that in a society that doesn’t believe in processes and allowing things to take time in order to grow and change properly, we will always be looking for a the “quick fixes” like meds and turning your thoughts around, even at the protestation of your parts that need to be held and felt before they can feel better.
      • I’ve been offered and have experienced myself that as sacred human children of the Divine  we are meant to and capable of much more than this flat line existence based on conformity, disconnect, and achievement created by our false self and the many parts that make it up.
      • Like-minded and -hearted souls will be drawn to join with you on the journey as you are brave enough to ache for what you want, willing to give up the things that may keep you stuck, and risk to be in vulnerable intimacy with yourself (including your parts and their shadow and wounded sides), with others, and with the Divine.
        Also, support is always available from the Divine, which aches to experience us relating in a magical and unbound way to the opportunity of life that they have gifted us with. It does not want us to be stuck in boxes, trapped by how we relate to debt or money, slave to time, and in deep pain and frustration that we cannot seem to successfully numb. It does want to help us experience life as It intended us to, learning from us as we learn from It, loving us as we love It, and with It holding us along the way!
    • A lot of people over the years wonder if this dissociative identity disorder is in fact real, especially in court cases. Why it is so difficult is that it’s hard for an average person to understand this development of multiple personalities in an individual, even some specialist can’t get their heads around it. However dissociative identity disorder does exist.
      • Symptoms

      • While researchers are still not sure of the causes of dissociative identity disorder, it still points to a connection of both environmental and biological factors together that may cause it. Statistics show that as much as 98% of individuals who get dissociative disorder have established individual histories of persistent, overwhelming, and regular on again life-threatening instability at a sensitive growth period during childhood .
        Dissociation can also be present when there’s been persistent abandonment or emotional abuse, even when there has been no evident or obvious physical/sexual abuse.  Research has shown that where parents in a family unit are scary/frightening and unpredictable, the children are exposed to developing the dissociative disorder.
      • There is no cure for dissociative identity disorder, however, if a patient is committed,  a long-term treatment plans have been proven to be very successful.  Treatment involves cognitive therapy such as; talk therapy or even psychotherapy. Medications can help, hypnotherapy is another successful treatment for some, and joining therapies such as art or movement therapy as well.
      • These symptoms of dissociative disorders as mentioned above, frequently occur with other disorders, like OCD,  anxiety and depression, so it stands to reason that they may be treated with the same medication that is prescribed for those symptoms/disorders. An individual might benefit from antidepressants or anti-anxiety medication displayed when having those symptoms.
    • RecapRecently starting seeing a new guy who I wanted to take things slowly with. Sophie had different ideas and sexted him. I came out to him about my DID and warned him that Sophie might try to sleep with him when he came over (yesterday).
    • Went to bed and then of course Sophie comes out. I asked her not to sleep with him, technically she didn't, she just did other stuff. He thought it was me of course, like she was really going to tell him it was her after I'd warned him she might try to do this.
      • Also, some of you may know that I've been waiting nearly a year for psychotherapy. I had my assessment for that today. I explained my alters and my mood problems, and they said they don't think therapy is right for me because I'm in university. I just wanna slam my head off a wall. I've been hanging on for this therapy and now I might not even get it because they're worried it'll make me fall apart and fail uni. I would rather get help than go to uni! This stuff is ruining my life!
      • Did you tell them this? It's important that you try to communicate to them how important it is to you to get therapy... It seems really stupid that they'd deny you therapy you need simply because you are studying. It kind of makes me angry that other people can have say over our lives in that type of way. Your priorities and life activities such as therapy and uni should be able to be determined by yourself and your others, not by outside people. Who are they to deny you the help you need based on what they think your priorities should be?
      • Difficult is relative. With good therapy you should be more functional than you are now, not less.
      • I think sometimes there is naturally a little destabilization through going through the process of changing things, even if it is eventually for the better. So I can see why the people doing the assessment would be concerned about destabilization to some extent. I would have thought though that anyone worth doing therapy with would recognise that it's important for the patient to make their own choices about what they can manage to do in terms of study and therapy.
      • Maybe they forgot that dissociative people are actually really smart and can usually work out what to do in a given situation. I'm sure you could do therapy and if you could tell it was interfering with your study, you'd be able to work out an appropriate solution so that you didn't just end up failing, whether that be withdrawing or seeking extra support. So I really don't buy that as an excuse on their part, that's a really unacceptable thing to say to you. Plus therapy is supposed to help you work through problems, so if you were starting to have trouble with your uni work as a result of therapy, I'd kind of hope you had a therapist that could help you work out what to do about it. Plus, you can't really know exactly how things are going to pan out until you try, so I think it seems stupid of them not to let you even try therapy.
    • I've been having some difficulty with my parts and communication. I can't seem to get over these barriers. My intuition is telling me or a part I can sense is telling me it's my denial part that's keeping me in unreality but I can't access it in order to communicate... the other problem that presents itself is that my parts are not very elaborate ( I have DDNOS) so I don't think they're full on parts with names etc. although I usually "sense" their ages and so forth. I always sense the answers but the voices became extremely quite and muffled since a couple protector parts put up walls so I can't hear them anymore but I can sense them in the backround of my mind. When I become stressed they become louder. I just want to start building communication to some extent. Then I just think maybe i don't even have DDNOS at all and I'm just imagining all this and I'm really fine and don't even have a disorder. I just feel really confused.
    • Hiya, it's good to hear from you again! What ways have you tried to communicate? I'm not an expert on this but what sometimes works for me is just asking whether anyone wants to say anything, then getting a notebook and just writing down anything and everything that comes into my head. And yes, it often feels like I'm making it up or just writing nonsense but reading it back afterwards can be very revealing. Sometimes it reads like a pretty coherent conversation, even though I don't remember writing anything like that, I just remember writing randomly as fast as I could!
      • I'm trying to deal with a denial part as well, and communication with her is...difficult :roll: She won't let me say much about her so I can't go into details. It's slow work and kind of frustrating. I wish you all the best with it.
    • Exorcism, a religious ritual to evict evil spirits out of a person’s body, who is believed possessed by those spirits, is practised around the world, with the nitty-gritty of the practice varying from religion to religion.
    • One such practice is prevalent in Colombia and a priest following it claims to have performed more than 35,000 exorcism rituals in the past 25 years, according to a Reuters report.
      • Brother Hermes first covers the ritual seeker’s body in black mud and makes him or her lie on the ground, surrounded by fire, lime, greens and multiple crosses, arranged in a circle. The body itself lies to form the shape of a crucifix. Green and red ribbons are tied to the crosses and the seeker is made to hold a cross and an egg in his hand.
        Hermes follows certain rituals from both inside and outside the circle. At one point, he sees into the eyes of the seeker calling out the evil and at another, he keeps his foot on the person’s chest, as a part of cleansing of the spirit.
      • The belief in exorcism prevails across all religions but practised extensively at some places. The ritual does not hold any scientific significance, but may link to a person’s psychological state, including mental illness like schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder, also known as Dissociative identity disorder (DID), especially when the person himself believes he has been possessed.
      • In a study about DID, done on ten persons undergoing exorcisms for devil trance possession state, many common traits were found.
        “They were overwhelmed by paranormal experiences. Despite claiming possession by a demon, most of them managed to maintain normal social functioning. In this group of persons reporting demon possession, dissociative trance disorder seems to be a distinct clinical manifestation of a dissociative continuum, sharing some features with dissociative identity disorder,” the study, Dissociative Trance Disorder: Clinical and Rorschach Findings in Ten Persons Reporting Demon Possession and Treated by Exorcism, published in the Journal of Personality Assessment in 1996concluded.
    • Such a charming and uplifting song from Sufjan Stevens, ”Chicago” is off of his 2005 epic Illinois. What brought this song to mind was the change of the season. As it begins to cool down and the trees start to change colour I feel like Sufjan is a great soundtrack to such a beautiful time of year. I’ve always really liked the Multiple Personality Disorder version of “Chicago” which can be found on The Avalanche: Outtakes and Extras from the Illinois Album. Even though the original is flawless this take adds some extra elements.
    • hello everyone. My name is Taylor, and i have another person living in my head. Her name is Harley. Harley only comes out when im extremely mad. only one person has seen her come out and seen me disappear, and he said that night that she showed herself, it will scar him forever. i dont want people to be scared of me, but Harley has other ideas. I dont want to hurt anyone. When i get mad i really have to beg my body practically to calm down my anger. i need help on how to keep her at bay. she scares me. I dont want her in my head anymore.
    • Can you describe multiple personality disorder?
      I can't really imagine it.
      I knew someone who had this. The personalities were completely different from each other and the person experiencing it has no memory of any of the other personalities. The person I knew used to pretend to be a child at times. This person would speak in a child's voice and be scared of his mother (this person was 44). Another personality this person had very aggressive. I would sometimes bring up things that this person told me when they were having an episode, when they were being normal, and they would have no memory of anything that was said. It take many years of counselling for this person to become normal again. I still notice he experiences it slightly but he has improved quite a lot
      • Just watch the movie Sybill. It's pretty crazy... no pun intended.
        Imagine, having 5 people talking to you at once, not remembering things that happened, and being someone you're not. That's pretty much it.
        My wife has a few of these personalities, they range from very loving to complete rage depending on what time i get in at night. You might try whispering in her ear, it works for me.
    • I'm a newbie and I have been reading the rules and I'm a little stumped on something that I may have missed on my first readthrough. Haven't been able to play my first game yet, so go easy. * If Daigotsu Kanpeki dies, his card goes into the discard pile sideways to signify that he is dead. Well what if I have 2 other copies of him in a deck? Can those be played? Or are they all considered dead?
      • It would seem to make sense that they are all dead, but I see many decklists on the internet running the maximum amount of copies of multiple characters. Do decks just have a way to rotate out the dead characters so they don't clog the hand?
      • As long as they do not have the Unique trait, then yes you can have multiples. Each one can be individually dead or alive, and bought on the same turn, etc.
      • You can have multiples of the same person in play, even in the same province. They are just assumed to be someone who is similar to the named person. The only restriction is if a card says Unique, only one of that card can be in play anywhere at a time.
    • Not that he needed to, but President Barack Obama has responded to Nicki Minaj and her fool ass Mitt Romney rap after being asked about it on Power 953 in Orlando. After admitting that his daughters don’t listen to the Young Money rapper, he dropped off the shade.
    • “I’m not sure that is actually what happened. I think she had a song on there, a little rap that said that, but she likes to play different characters. So I don’t know what’s going on there.” The President said.
      • Again, I don’t think Nicholas was serious about that line, but it was poorly thought out and tacky. Then again, look at who we’re discussing. Either way, Obama is clearly unbothered and as long as the people are voting in November, it shouldn’t matter what rappers are saying.
    • Instead, just past the step and repeat, fashionistas and families alike paused for "a fair and honest appraisal" from The Bumbys, aka Jill and Gill, who peered at them through dark glasses and over bandanas, then clicked on typewriters, handing everyone a card with a few sentences, a rating on a scale of 1 to 10 and Sharpie-corrected typos.
    • The Bumbys, accustomed to setting up their booth in New York City, have appeared in Los Angeles only a handful of times. Asked to appraise the city, Gill's take was decidedly mixed: "Sometimes you try too hard, but you're worth it for the pockets of the city that are unabashedly you. You've got a strong identity, even if it's a multiple personality disorder."
      • Jill showed L.A. a little more love: "There is a lot more to you than you let on. Yeah, you care about your looks, and some may call you 'superficial' or 'anorexic,' but once you get to know you, you actually have a lot of amazing qualities that you can't find anywhere else. You are a dreamer and you aren't afraid to show it."
    • *Giggles* tonight is kids time till whenever we fall asleep.  we made yummy food * just that you take out of the back and put inthe microwave but still ie good food.  and we ask the lady we lieves with can we make an account for us to playa really good fun learning gare that we even found for her to get for the outside little who liives here full time.  ans we askeded itf we could take it in with us so i wae don sleepw e cn playthat=e special new games  an we gonna watch Marry Pooppin which is one of our va=ery favoritest movies of all.ok.  i go byby now so we can watch our show an eats our food and tiuff.ok.  byby everybody.
    • Ever since we discovered that healthy plurals exist, I have been reading as much as I can about anything related to plurality, healthy or unhealthy. Naturally, this has led me to research Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) and its replacement diagnosis, Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID).  These are the only real examples of plurality found in the media, and despite the fact that these diagnoses have fed scandals and been generally discredited over the past twenty years, I thought it prudent to investigate them.  After all, nearly everyone we have come out to as plural has jumped to the conclusion that our system is a DID case.  In this essay, I hope to convince you otherwise.  I have read enough on the subject and feel that I can say it with authority: we do not have DID.
    • Any distress or uncertainty we have felt has been related to our plurality, not the other way around.  We have worried often about our issues with our memory being inconsistent, or that someone might notice we were strange and make fun of us, or that another system member might do something to embarrass us.  We have wondered a million times why something seemed like a good idea before when now it seems stupid, or why we vacillate on any decision for ages until somebody just goes and does it, only to have someone else regret it later or at least have a sense that it wasn’t them.  These things caused distress, but distress did not cause them.
      • Dissociation implies that the difference between the people is an illusion.  Identity Disorder implies the person is wrong about who they think they are.  The name, in itself, is demeaning.  And it does not apply to us.  We are nine real people who happen to share a brain, not one person who is delusional.  We are not coping with emotions we can’t handle; we simply each have them, just like any other individual person on the planet.  We are nine healthy people who share a body.  We are not insane, we are not sick, and we do not have DID.
    • I've never done anything like this before as far as sharing my experience with my disorder.. but i NEED help and advice on how to go about what im going through.
    • Ever since I was little I heard voices in my head-multiple voices- that all talk at once about EVERYTHING. Everything meaning my every thought-ever. I was diagnosed at a young age with ADD, then Depression, then Bi-polar, then Schizo, and now whatever this is.. I am 18 years old, just keep that in mind.
      • But since I've been hearing these voices since I was little it seems like I have become very good friends with them.
      • My 'bad' voices have been getting louder and stronger than my 'good' voices, telling me to do things like run my car into a wall or something like that to try and hurt myself. But I got out of that voice's thinking after my oh-so-quiet 'good' voice convinced me otherwise. It was a close call, but he (the good voice) saved me from that thought.
      • SEE this is my dilemma, do I give her a chance? or should i take meds or something to make her disappear? Is she really as evil as she feels? i havent been diagnosed with multiple personality disorder because I havent seen/told my doctor about this, but it sure as hell FEELS like i have multiple personalities.
      • I am 18 years old. My brain is not fully developed yet. And if what they say about how the brain doesnt stop developing til your 25 is true, then that means there is more to come with this illness.. In that case I cant figure out if I should be SCARED or EXCITED.
    • Karl Urbarn (The Bourne SupremacyDredd) as Marc Spector/Moon Knight: A former mercenary turned vigilante who serves as the avatar of Khonshu, the Egyptian God of Vengeance.
    • Spector suffers from multiple personality disorder, and has two other personalities of Steven Grant and Jake Lockley. Spector is a master martial artist, weapons master, expert marksman, an interrogation expert, and an experienced pilot. Spector wears an armored costume made from carbonadium, a more flexible version of adamantium. Spector uses crescent moon shaped throwing darts and a truncheon that can double as nunchaku and a grappling hook.
      • Reason for Casting: Urban's a talented actor who's great at playing intelligent and resourceful, and can handle action. He would make a pretty badass Moon Knight.
    • Sociopathic Multiple Personality Disorder
    • Stop talking to yourself…
    • Clark's Multiple Personality Disorder
    • Rule one of webcomic making: character designs come first. But I'm so impatient.
      • The Mr. Kent identity was the funnest one. I got to use my face in a mirror as reference for his face-distorting technique. No, he's not supposed to look flattering.
      • For Clark, turning into Superman is a simple act of pushing his hair back. Flying all quick-like over the city probably helps to facilitate this windswept hair style too! The reason why the Clark and Superman identities look similar is because his 'natural' identity isn't exactly public domain, as it is reserved for his family and other Heroes.
    • I am wondering how you would all feel about having an integrated mentor(s) in addittion to this forum which is great (DIDs supporting DIDs). To me, being able to speak with someone who is a stable integrated soul would be an awesome inspiration when times are tough & you just can't seem to put that next foot forward, when fear rules or when anxiety runs amok.
    • I think that would be great...I'm sure the topics have been brought up, but having real-time responses would be helpful. I'm always interested in the idea of "If I had known this..." or "If someone had been able to support me in this way.... things would have been SO much smoother..." good thought!
      • I am in great need of this. I have an alter who continues to sabotage my healing by running out of session before it ever really begins or refusing to talk at all. Last time she completely refused to even go. I would like to know how this type thing would have been handled
      • I've seen a couple partially-integrated and fully integrated people come and go throughout my time here. It's not like they were kicked out of the site because they were integrated or anything, they left for their own reasons. I do know that when I first joined, there was some hostility being shown towards people who were really for integration and would post about it a lot. I won't go into it because it's not my place, but after that there was a lot less integration-focused posts.
    • ecard text: Dissociative identity disorder Pilot #1: I bet you can't do a loop-de-loop?  Dissociative identity disorder Pilot #1: challenge accepted!!
    • The Many Faces of James Worthington IIIThe Multiple Personalities of a modern teenage psychopath