Mind Mapping - the NEWS (slowly - work in process)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Links to all the new Multiple updates - Ann's Multiple, Mind Map, Pinterest and Learnist :)

Today is Thursday, October 24, 2013

Annsmultipleworldofpersonality Blog - updated 11-1-13 - 

Just a brief note put out there on where we think research in DID should go (Psych Forum)

NEWSDIDMPD Blog - updated 11-5-13 - DID Blogger annotations for approximately 1 week

Ann's Multiple Life/World Mind Map - Updated 11-5-13 - Special attention to "Google on Multiples - Multiples Work"

Pinterest - updated 11-4-13  47 new entries of Googled NEWS on Multiplicity.  Pinterest has the least amount of words describing the entry.

Slideshows from Speaker Deck backed-up haven't updated since one month - BUT, this avenue has comments back on some of the earlier Googled entries on DID

Learnist #1 and Learnist #2 updated 10-27-13  same entries in the Pinterest (47 pieces), but there are more annotations than Pinterest.  First link is to the start page - need to press tab for 14 collected boards ... Second link is to the latest 10-27-13 board

Scoopit - backed-up on Scoopit because we can't get their do-hickey on chrome to work.  :( Link-up on the third column to the right where it says, "My Curated Topics" We've got 3 boards to look at.

Rebel Mouse News - Updates as often as we make new entries in some of the other platforms - this is a combination of work we do in DID, Multiplicity, and e-learning/social networking.