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Saturday, August 11, 2012

***1-1-12 to 1-15-12 (Partial 1-13/14)

    • University Behavioral Health of El Paso offers mental health and chemical dependency treatment for patients of all ages in El Paso, Texas. We provide comprehensive mental health services, including conduct disorder treatment, multiple personality disorder and hypochondriac treatment, as well as specialized care for other mental health disorders for children, teens, adults and mature adults in El Paso, Texas.
    • We offer inpatient, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient services for conduct disorder treatment, multiple personality disorder, hypochondriac treatment, specialized therapy for co-occurring disorders, whether the individual patient has multiple mental illnesses or a mental health disorder and chemical dependency program.
      • Through our specialized programs we are able to provide effective therapy that is designed to meet the needs of certain groups.
    • or adolescents and adults, we offer treatment for multiple personality, conduct disorder, and co-occurring disorders treatment in Denton, Texas for multiple mental health conditions or a combination of mental health and chemical dependency problems.
      • University Behavioral Health of Denton offers specialized care for dissociative disorder, conduct disorder and other mental health and chemical dependency problems in programs that are designed to meet specific needs. programs for women, youth, military members, and faith based programs.
    • “One Life to Live’s” Viki Lord has survived breast cancer and being shot while struggling for decades with multiple personality dis-order.
      But the fictional character’s darkest hour comes today.
      The ABC soap opera signs off at 2 p.m. (on WCVB, Ch. 5) after 43 years. Beginning Monday, the network is replacing it with a less-expensive lifestyle show called “The Revolution.”
    • The ABC soap, “One Life To Live” was a  sizzling  story about town matriarch Viki Lord’s and the many citizens. From the start, the action in Llanview, Pa., has centered around newspaper publisher, university president, former mayor and sometime waitress and oft-married Viki Lord Riley Buchanan Buchanan Carpenter Davidson Banks, the rock of the town despite her multiple personality disorder.
    • Her portrayer, Erika Slezak, who was playing Desdemona in Buffalo, N.Y., when she got the role in 1971, took one last curtain call Thursday at a tribute to the show on “The View,” which airs today. And in an interview in her dressing room before the taping, she teared up a few times as she talked about leaving Llanview.
    • I’m starting off my new year by having an identity crisis. Once upon a time, I thought I knew exactly who I was, namely a redneck with eclectic tastes. And, no, Eclectic ain’t just a town in Alabama.
    • I wish I could state that definitively who I am. Maybe you can’t either, or you think you’d just confuse other people if you tried to explain yourself. I’ll tell you about my multiple personalities, and perhaps you’ll feel better if you’re an odd duck like me. 
      • At my funeral, I want passages read from Shakespeare, John Keats, John Donne, and Habakkuk  3: 17-19 (my life verses). I also want the music to include “Old Rugged Cross,” Johnny Cash’s “Ain’t No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down,” Schubert’s “Ave Maria;” and Mozart’s “Requiem.”  And don’t forget the usual “Amazing Grace.”
        OK. This has been about me, me, me. But here’s my point. I think most of us would have difficulty answering the-who-am-I question. Or am I the only one who finds it hard to wear a label? Should we even be limited by labels?
        I think I’ll go with Popeye. I yam what I yam.
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    • very informative overview of DID
      • Great video - I really love what you have done.