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Saturday, August 11, 2012

***5-16-12 to 5-31-12 (Partial 5-30/31)

    • Every morning when Claire wakes up, she has no clue who she is, where she is or who she can trust. So when a man jumps out from under her bed to tell her that the people who claim to be her family are really trying to kill her, she has no choice but to believe him.
    • Communication is difficult for the characters in the show, because many of them also suffer from some sort of abnormality or disability. In addition to Claire’s memory loss, several characters also battle lisps, limps, slurred speech and multiple personality disorder.
      • Fraser believes that the abnormality that Millet and several other characters have to face is representational of obstacles, either physical or mental, that many people have to overcome in daily life.
        “It is just dealing with it and figuring out how to deal with life to that point,” he says.

    • My friend's sister made this: Multiple personality disorder.
    • It's called Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) today. Cute photo, though.
      • Your multiple personality gland is going haywire.
      • This is really a serious disorder. I feel bad for anyone who really has it =

    • I am not sure if other people feel this sort what extent, I think that all people that dissociate avoid. Probably people who do not dissociate also avoid, but I'm thinking that we have a particular problem and that we know what we're supposed to be doing, but don't seem to be able to do it. We are supposed to be working on school. I know this is something that the parts to more than me, and it is getting to the point that more and more of the system are beginning to worry about are we going to be able to continue if I don't let go. But still I sit here and think about not knowing how to do it.
    • I think that there are parts of my system that know how to do the work in that part of my job as host is to get them the time they need to do the work, but I am having trouble letting go. I feel worried over it, so it would seem the easiest thing in the world to just somehow handover the control I have in my life to them.
      • I am finding my way around thinking about multiplicity, almost all the time I'm up. We have had it for so long but it seems like just a short time since I've been dealing with it, face forward. I know that I have a doctor session this afternoon and that might be a good time to talk about it, but still I sit here with four hours to go and there's this battle going on in my head over what is going to be done during that time.

    • The danger being those we have elected as leaders, now masquerading as paragons of virtue and fountains of knowledge, are MPDs - where there "...is the presence of two or more distinct identities or personality states...that recurrently take control of behaviour" [Wikipedia].
    • I am no psychologist, but enjoy objectively analysing extreme human behaviour. An obsession with bestsellers recently led me to legendary novelist Sydney Sheldon’s Tell Me Your Dreams where serial murderer Ashley Patterson exhibits symptoms of Multiple Personality Disorder [MPD]. Myth has it that ‘too intelligent’ people sometimes show signs of coherent insanity – eventually dying prematurely of drug-induced stress or maniac depression!
      • But if I ‘deserted’ from the camps to be a student activist, became a doctoral candidate, college lecturer, democracy activist, divorcee, NGO fraud suspect, ‘multiple’ party member, musician, praise singer and anti-libertarian  – all in one lifetime – they’d  better urgently seek MPD therapy!
      • After 32 years of post-independence tyranny, we Zimbabweans whose behaviour is guided by a universal moral compass must use our single alters to vote misguided nationalists and banish them from power.  There are those genuinely afflicted with MPD. They deserve our sympathy. But in 2013, the little freedom that we have must be used as an instrument of exorcism.

    • I can somehow understand if a person for some reason likes to pretend she or he has that condition, and of course that would mean there's something else seriously wrong with the person.    But why do other people agree to waste money and time on documenting such hoax cases, as in to take part in them?
    • A blond woman in the Australian tv-series "The Extraordinary":    - They say she's been diagnosed to have 68 personalities.
      • Here's my main problem with this scenario. This is supposed to be multiple personalities of one person, as in all personalities working the same brain in the same body. The body that has a damaged tissue causing blindness. There is NO way a psychological condition can fix a physicaldamage. It would be physically impossible for any personality to see better than another.
      • In this case the personality that supposedly has taken over the woman's core personality did not know anything but just guessed it must have been something extreme in her childhood that she could not cope with. In order to give at least a little credibility they should offer case-sensitive details. I
      • Is this kind of a documentary some kind of a new "art" form or simply an immoral attempt to pretend on real serious illnesses and evil, just to see how many believe it?

    • I was looking on Amazon and saw a new book on DID is about to come out so I looked up the author and found a wikipage. I have not heard of this author before. Does anyone know anything? Searching I found a neurowicki - which I am going to read in a bit.
      • Understanding and Treating Dissociative Identity Disorder: Or Multiple Personality Disorder [Paperback]Jo Ringrose (Author)
      • Dissociative identity disorder (DID) manifests in 1-5% of psychiatric patients, many of whom have never had former dissociative disorder diagnosis"
      • I wonder how much of the population that covers?

    • “Full House” would have you believe that walking cautionary tale Kathy Santoni was the messed up one, what with its frequent use of slut shaming the poor, rarely seen side character (she was the first to get boobs, then got pregnant and married in high school, not to mention that time she stole Jonathan Brandis away from DJ, that harlot) but the Tanner family was basically just one disaster after another. DJ had an eating disorder for one episode. Michelle developed some manner of dissociative identity disorder following a bout of horse-induced amnesia.

    • I have been very triggered for the past couple of days, and I think I have finally figured out why. Without going into the details, I read someone’s story about an online abuser purposely triggering someone’s minor alter parts with dissociative identity disorder (DID) to exploit them.
    • I haven’t recovered specifically what trigger word or action the guy at the party used to call out and exploit one of my minor alter parts, but I do know that this person knew about an emotional “button” I had installed in my head that I was completely unaware of. That’s disturbing on so many levels.
      • I don’t know. I had very disturbing dreams the first night and took enough Xanax last night to be sure I slept soundly enough not to dream. I have that floaty feeling in my face and a headache, which is what I used to get when different internal parts were triggered.
      • I know I will be OK, and I am relieved to know that through integration, I have taken back my power so someone cannot just “press my button” and exploit me today. However, the idea that I was that vulnerable for 35 years of my life is really triggering me right now.

    • Dissociative Identity Disorder Support Group include info on dissociative identity disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, PTSD, Support, Eating Disorders, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Ritual Abuse, Mind Control, Coping skills, healing, therapy, diagnostic criteria, symptoms of, indicators, and recommended survivor support.  Unless otherwise cited, Felicity4us2 holds copyright to material posted. To contact - Felicity4us2@gmail.com  Thank you for your continued support.
    • There is a petition being circulated that is giving research to back  removing DID from the DSMV - I have provided a page with more  information - please read and do whatever to get our voices heard. http://www.igdid.com/h226-apa  thank you for your participation.  We only have two weeks to be heard. 

    • In abusive homes, one of the most common areas of suppression is that of reporting abuse, telling what is said behind closed doors and telling when the child has been frightened, hurt, neglected or intimidated.
      Each time a child is forced to remain silent when she is abused, it creates inner tension.  If the inner tension is too strong, she will need to create an inner escape valve.  One type of escape valve  is to dissociate.  
    • Since she cannot separate herself from the abuse in any physical way, creating inner personalities can provide a sense of distance at least from the most intense aspects of the abuse, as well as take down some of the overwhelming sense of fear and pain of the moments of abuse and neglect.
      • Alice Miller, author of many books on awareness, including Breaking Down the Wall of Silence, calls those who practice abuse tyrants, and says "Those addicted to power--the tyrants of the world--pay (for their actions) with the lives of others."
      • The real issue, and one of the strongest indications of the hidden value of people who dissociate is that society is running from itself, from its own deepest fears and feelings.
      • Though this blog can only scratch the surface of this deeply embedded pattern, the silence that is enforced when children are abused not only damages the child.  It damages the abusers and society as a whole.
      • The changes we need to make as a society need to be made in each moment.  I urge you to step up to your life moments with integrity, courage and honest awareness.  By doing that, we will be creating an atmosphere of awareness and gradually cleaning the mountain of reeking silence society has created. 

    • Schizophrenia Jokes (Also It's Not Multiple Personality Disorder) 

       Let me preface this post with this warning: My life sucks nowadays. I wake up in the morning thinking "oh God not another new day". I go to sleep thinking "Yay, six whole hours of no one screwing with me". But I put on a happy face for my patients and a snarky face for my Twitter followers. Which leaves this blog as pretty much the only place I can really be myself. And today's one of those days when the whole weight of how much my life sucks is really pounding me in the face.
    • I'm schizophrenic and so am I.  National Schizophrenic's Convention: Anybody who's everybody will be there!  If a schizophrenic threatens suicide, is it declared a hostage situation?

       I may be schizophrenic but at least I have each other.

       Paranoid schizophrenic: Are you staring at us?
      • So schizophrenia has always been portrayed as multiple personality disorder in the mass media, even though every medical student in diapers knows that's not the case. And I certainly am not above cracking the same jokes to make people smile.
      • However,  as a supposed psychiatrist YOU should know that it is a common  misconception that schizophrenia and MPD are the same thing, and jokes  to that effect are so common they have become part of popular culture.  So if you want to correct me, go shove your judgment up the arse of  every single clown out there who has ever cracked one of 'em. Start by  Googling 'schizophrenia jokes'. The first page itself will give YOU  voices in your head.

    • There are dozens of different topics on which a psychology speech can be written. For instance, you can choose to talk about on the different behaviors of human mind. You can talk about how different sorts of behavior are inherited from parents. You can talk about how some children have autism and what causes it. No matter what sort of topic you consider for the psychology speech, ensure that you feel comfortable with it and you can deliver it with confidence.
    • Following are some ideas for psychology speech topics that you may use for your own speech.

      •    Abraham Maslow’s human need’s hierarchy •    Mental Stress •    Dissociative Identity Disorder

    • Dissociative identity disorder or often abbreviated as DID is a psychological phenomenon that existing throughout the world and has not known for exactly what the cause is.
    • There is much debate over Dissociative Identity Disorder, some psichilogists say that this phenomenon is generally due to a chilhood trauma, some said that it is only a  false memory created by hypnisis, but until now,  this could not be ascertained. However, How do we explain about someone who does not speak Arabic suddenly become fluent in the languange?