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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Multiple Works, Week of September 9, 2013 Slide Set #2 NEWS Dissociative Identity Disorder/ Multiple Personality Disorder

    • Today is one of those days that, when I look in the mirror, I don't see me. I feel like I am in the passenger seat of a car. Who is driving today? What even triggered me?
    • The likely trigger is the phone call I received from Ann, my therapist. She has a medical appointment that she felt was pressing. She rescheduled for just one hour later, but told me that she would call me if she had to cancel. It has been eating at me about whether or not I will be able to see her.
    • The dissociation has been really getting to me.
    • I hope she doesn't cancel. I really need to start working this out.
    • Hi everybody...I am the support person of a man with DID. At the beginning of the summer, he had a major switch and left me. We had been together several years and had a very good, respectful relationship. I was what he referred to as his "rock" and "stability." Unfortunately he is not in therapy, is not interested, I've never forced the issue but always supported it. Summertime is always a big trigger time for him
    • I am trying to come to grips with the situation and give him the space he needs and hope he will come back on his own.
    • At this point now he says he is lost and confused.
    • Can anyone shed any light on what could be going on with his system? Is this typical of teens, protectors or persecutors? Or a sexual alter? I know everyone's system is different, but any support would be helpful, as I'm in a lot of pain. Thank you--
    • Isolation...Doh! 

    • Diagnosis of mental health problems should only be made by a qualified person, typically psychiatrists although some psychotherapists such as clinical psychotherapists may be qualified to diagnose as well.
    • The dissociative experiences scale is a self-report questionnaire, and a useful screening tool but not a diagnostic test. It also includes a subset of items which can be used to assess depersonalization and derealization (Kennedy, 2013).
    • The MID is a self-administered diagnostic instrument which was designed to diagnose all dissociative disorders by comprehensively assessing the entire domain of dissociative phenomena, including PTSD, severe borderline personality disorder and all dissociative disorders (Chu, 2011).
    • The SCID-D is a freestanding protocol for dissociative disorders that takes about 30 to 90 minutes depending on the subjects experiences(Steinberg, 1993). An alternative diagnostic instrument, the Dissociative Disorders Interview Schedule (DDIS) also exists but the SCID-D is generally considered superior (Steinberg, 1993). It is a highly structured interview that discriminates among various DSM diagnoses. The DDIS can usually be administered in 30–45 minutes. It must be professionally administered, and includes judgement from a trained clinician in the scoring (Steinberg, 1993).
    • "Multiple Personality Disorder is the holy grail of Psychiatry" means what ?
    • I think that means it's controversial, like the holy grail not everybody is convinced it's real.
    • I don't even know how to start this thread, or what to say. I feel so scared, because it's happening again. 3 years ago when i was new to the body I was pregnant inside for 3 months (that I knew about anyhow, was probably closer to 4 or so since 'symptoms' started to when I started getting suspicious) and it seemed like i was outside too. i still don't know if i was or if it was a delusion. That was when really bad flashbacks started happening. Now it's happening again. I don't know why this is happening. I didn't think it was really possible unless if you wanted it to happen. At least this time I know the body's not pregnant too, but inside its not going away. I don't know what this means and why this is happening again to me.I'm scared to bring it up in therapy because I don't know if anyone will believe me.
    • If anyone has been through this what happened? Did you carry it or was it some sort of weird metaphorical thing, and would the baby be a new alter or two merged parts of whoever made it.
    • Sorry for the sort-of ramble. I feel so lost right now.
    • i am a writer and artist however i can only do so when in specific mind states, particularly art. i struggle to draw well and then i will go into a trance state and create very advanced paintings; these states last for days and i cannot sleep or think of anything until the pieces are finished. when i attempt to work on something without this state i can't produce art at that level and they remain sketchy unfinished things. i did think for a while that i was channelling some spiritual force or entity but i am wondering if it is an alter? does anyone have similar experiences?
    • Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) - Myths #1


      by Ann

        Published September 8, 2013
    • This presentation is curated from the Internet fall of 2012 as to how people have used the term DID or Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). There are questions as to "multiplicity being true or false in a good part, because of the often silly and ill-informed manner in which it is presented, which begs to speak stereotypical. My name is Ann Garvey and I AM a multiple and wish to present a different view. I believe it to be more truthful. If there are any questions please contact me at Aynetal3@aol.com. Thanks for viewing
    • There is a general lack of consensus in the diagnosis and treatment of DID and research on treatment effectiveness focuses mainly on clinical approaches described in case studies. General treatment guidelines exist that suggest a phased, eclectic approach with more concrete guidance and agreement on early stages but no systematic, empirically-supported approach exists and later stages of treatment are not well described and have no consensus. Even highly experienced therapists have few patients that achieve a unified identity.
    • Common treatment methods include an eclectic mix of psychotherapy techniques, including cognitive behavioral (CBT), insight-oriented therapies, dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), hypnotherapy and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR).
    • Medications can be used for co-morbid disorders and/or targeted symptom relief. Some behavior therapists initially use behavioral treatments such as only responding to a single identity, and then use more traditional therapy once a consistent response is established.
    • Brief treatment due to managed care may be difficult, as individuals diagnosed with DID may have unusual difficulties in trusting a therapist and take a prolonged period to form a comfortable therapeutic alliance. Regular contact (weekly or biweekly) is more common, and treatment generally lasts years — not weeks or months.
    • Does Yahweh have multiple personality disorder?

      Is that why Trinitarian Christians always say he's three people in one?
    • Only 3 personalities? Below are some of his names: El (One of the oldest names of a monotheistic God, dating at least as early as tablets found in Syria 2300 BC) Elohim ("Strong One" or "Lord Almighty") Adonai ("My Lord" and origin of the Greek name Adonis) Ehyeh-Asher-Ehyeh ("I am that I am") YHWH Shaddai ("Almighty" According to Exodus 6:2, 3, Shaddai was the name by which God was known to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.) Zebaot ("Heavenly Host")  A VERY GOOD BOOK WORTH THE READ.  Jehovah unmasked  http://www.mediafire.com/download/dq2627…
    • Is there anyone else who has a dissociative identity disorder? To me it's a huge problem and I think the biggest obstacle in therapy.
    • I just had a co-consiousness experience realising that though I see myself as the real person and the others as alters (particularly the "normal person" who lives my "normal life" and meets people, work, makes friends and so on), this might not be the case. I just recieved a glimpse of the normal persons view in wich I am the alter and the normal person is the real person who's life I just mess up with my flashbacks and self destructiveness.
    • I really need to talk about this but I don't know how to do it. In therapy I just get silent and embarressed when trying to be there 'cause I know it's the normal persons domain and I know I'm just crazy and stupid for having this experience of beeing someone else.
    • Hello to everyone that takes the time to read this.It's been a month since I first posted something here wondering if I might have DID and being pretty confused about it. Well, a lot has happened in this month and now I am aware of about twelve alters, so, the answer to my question seems to be yes.
    • uckily, most of us are getting along quite well. We have some bigger problems with how to organisate school and such stuff.
    • We would like to introduce ourselves, even though most of us are not willing to tell their full names, so we just go by letters for now.
    • when you get a graphic flashback, how do you recover and feel ok in the body again?
    • Re: Fun: You know you're DID when..
    • ... when you sometimes have dreams about killing people even though you're the nicest girl around (that one freaks me out!)... when your SO brings you a cup of chocolate milk and you wonder whether it's for him or for you, then later at night in bed you suddenly remember it and say, "What happened to the chocolate milk?" and he says "You drank it". WHUT? o.O
    • Can this multiple personality disorder/ Dissociative disorder get worse?
    • My husband is in the army and im just concern will this get worser or would they take you out of the service having this ? I dont think my husband has told them about having this disorder i know hes talked to me about having it in high school he still does a little change from many different people one day hes caring and loving the next hes throwing stuff and gets mad over asking a question and goes off on me
    • idk how to help him everytime i tried he wont let me help ive cried about this im honestly scared for him is this something serious?Help plz and thank you
    • What are the signs/symptoms of multi-personality disorder?...
    • Whenever I'm starting to reach a point that I'm about to really feel the emotion, someone switches and I miss out. So it's been a really long time since I've actually felt much on my own, and tonight was really wonderful. The movie scared the $#%^ out of me, and I couldn't be happier; since the fear wasn't trauma-related, no alter took over and I could actually enjoy my heart racing and my blood pumping and jumping in my seat. I'm in a really good mood now, and I was wondering if anyone else, host or alter alike, felt this way; that their emotions were stinted because of alters taking over like this.
    • I am learning more and more about my system and everyone's "job" or what trauma they endured...I recently remembered something and it freaked me out a lot. Not so much the memory, but how much "switching" occurred and knowledge of how each insider holds very specific traumas.
    • Can anyone help me with this?? Is this "normal" for DID??? Has anyone had this experience of being shown/told things like this?I feel so incredibly overwhelmed with this process....
    • Right now I am in a therapy program for depression and anxiety... it includes a 45 minute individual session with a therapist a week, and a few group sessions, like art, self esteem, healthy relationships, and the such.This is all very good but it doesn't help me with the D.I.D. the way I need.
    • and when I explained that I was there because I have D.I.D. I was told "We don't do that here, and you will probably have a hard time finding someone who does because many people just don't believe in it."
    • ne major factor is money... I don't have any, as of right now me and my two kids are barely getting by, so affording therapy is next to impossible, so i either have to find a therapist who takes medi-cal, or is willing to take me on for free.....
    • also I have no car, and no reliable means of transportation, so it would have to be local, I just couldn't manage to travel far regularly...
    • I never really wanted to do therapy.... I avoided the idea like the plague for as long as I can remember... but now that i'm finally willing it's all so hard. being told no one will believe me, is probably the worst part, I just wish I could find some asnswer...
    • when you switch, how do you experience it? i see people talking about rapid switching and i'm uncertain if it explains the way things feel, like i remain conscious on some level but feel out of control and aware of being someone else. the body feels either very heavy or wired depending on which state is i'm in. i feel often inlfuenced or compelled to do or say things (if i refuse to say or do these things they get stuck on repeat in my head until i do).
    • how do you experience this? how do you get that clarity for each one?
    • my mental health has been declining this past few weeks; yesterday i was mostly bedbound with a few free moment, cycling between extreme depression and feeling nothing at all, being unable to move my body- it being a deadweight like it does not belong to me. i was wonder if this precurses a longer/deeper switch? do any of you experience this? or when a new alter comes up?
    • Then they were telling me that this has happened with other stuff! They've noticed that I forget traumatic events close to immediately after they happen, like that fight- there's been more than just that aparently. I had no clue that I was totally forgetting such recent large things anymore, I thought the only large time gaps and events forgotten were from way back years ago!
    • This means that this dissociative thing I have is way bigger than initially thought, and that the shifts in personality are more severe than I'd known (I never normally fight like that, let alone be the antagonist). And I do keep a diary, but that wasn't in there, nor the other times- or maybe there were, there seemed to be pieces of pages torn out!
    • Ok so, im meeting my alters, this is an intellectual that wants n needs to become humble, he is self absorbed n needs to be more selfless, he is pissweak and a blouse and he needs some courage and dash or a backbone. I think, either that or its two seperate alters. So theres Sally, theres "Cold hard man",lil Sal, theres intellectual, the insecure sensitive obsessive paranoid female, Goddess DIANA...And boy o boy, my memory is totally hopless. Love comments yo, peace!
    • A question about Multiple Personality Disorder??!?

      Or "DID" ...Is it ALWAYS caused by a past trauma or only some cases? Thanx.
    • My girlfriend is the primary co-host of a system. I am recently out of work, therefore homebound for the most part till I can start my new job.The issue of having enough alone time for Others to have their 'out time' as we put it, has come up since I'm stuck at home much of the time.
    • But I love her and the System and want what's best, so They need to get Their time.Recently I have been very depressed, and with some med changes, my own dissociation has been , much worse as I have PTSD and dissociative depersonalisation disorder. So it been unstablelately.She has many littles in the System that i'm normally very close to. Understandably they are not very comfortable having 'out time' with me around right now due to the instability.We have been arguing a lot and have been short tempered recentl
    • But due to her triggers, which I never hold against her, I am not able to receive any form of physical comfort. Even just rubbing my back is triggering. Because of this, I have felt very distant from her, and somewhat uncared for. Even taken for granted.
    • This frikin sucks, and don't know what to do anymore. I am trying very hard to get back in control of my own health, and at the same time I feel expected to do so much to take care of her and the System.
    • Struggling with no alcohol and and not many alters around during pregnancy. I feel completely abandoned by my system even though Jeremy and Barry have been around.
    • Hi. I'm new to this forum. I've never been formally diagnosed with DID as I've never told anyone about...well, any of the truth.
    • I don't really have much of a personality, since I feel the alters kind of take it out of me. I'm usually in control of the body, or at least think I am. The others usually take control and say things without warning, which confuses me when I'm about to say something but end up saying something else.
    • I've been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, conduct disorder and oppositional defiance disorder, all by different doctors. They still haven't noticed that each time they talk to me, they're diagnosing a different person. I don't think they'd believe me if I told the truth anyway. At least, that's what Z says. He's usually right.
    • Just over three weeks ago I received the 2nd of my two iron infusions. I felt the difference after the first one and even better after the 2nd one. I could not believe how much better I felt and how much I could do. After being so tired for so long it is great to have my energy back. Not only do I have more energy, I can concentrate and focus, hold and be involved in a conversation, read and sleep well. I can once more go out for coffee with friends and re connect with my social circle. This connection with my social circle, who are also part of my wonderful support system, is very important to me.  I could not believe how good it felt to be able to function.
    • The reality is that I wanted to do more, but I could not. And, this was once again, a reminder of my illness and why I am on disability.
    • With regards to my mental health I am the healthiest I have been. I think back to the times I did not know if I was going to make it to the next hour, let alone the next day. I think back to the time before I was correctly diagnosed and thought I was truly losing my mind. I know I have overcome insurmountable odds and am grateful to everyone who has helped me get to where I am now. But I still get frustrated that I have limits, and cannot do as much as others seem to do. I also get frustrated that even though things are much better, my life is still pretty complex.
    • I have been physically preparing for my upcoming Outward Bound trip for the past two months, what people have not been seeing is my inside preparation. That has been going on for years.
       When you have D.I.D. nothing is simple!!!!
  • 09 Sep 13
    "How to be aware of domination on a subliminal level, visions of shapes that keep repeating the exact form, their ability to enter a body to manipulate it like a puppet plus putting words in your mouth, how to break free from their control, the BENEFITS of their presence in your life, how these topics and more relate to schitzophrenia, hearing voices, D.I.D, and their ability to alter phone communication, mess with TV signals and even use your own fingers as you sleep to type words on your phone. "
    • I used to cut. I have not cut in almost 5 years. Now that my insiders have made themselves known to me (about a year ago) the desire to cut/self-harm has come back. I/We have a 24 hour pact in place of no cutting or suicide. We make it everyday.
    • My friend with DID, who also has self-harming Insiders, says she has a "dark writing" journal that sometimes helps to give an outlet to anger and pain. Has this helped anyone else?Can anyone else relate to this self-harm issue? Any thoughts, suggestions or advice?
    • I am not sure how to deal with this new complicated issue of self-harm now that my Insiders have made me aware of themselves. Any comments of help are greatly appreciated....:)